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Updated logo.. 9MSN v Y!7


Sunrise: a Yahoo! production

Update: The theme song is Duran Duran’s “(Reach up for the) Sunrise


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The Sunrise opening, can you smell the chemistry…

More interestingly though if you haven’t been to Yahoo lately your in for a surprise, the rebranded portal is now Yahoo7, a joint venture between 7 and Yahoo Australia.

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Bad news for people who love good news


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Its a little different to the morning news, also included the entire weather, with its 3D forecast prediction.

The West Wing. My 100th post.


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I was just about to post video from tonights National Nine News when I noticed that I was up to post number 99, so I thought I’d post something a bit more momentus and self indulgent ( opposed to this whole blog).

I was saving these for a special occasion, and I guess this will do. I can’t wait for the ABC to start airing West Wing and you can just tell they’re as excited about getting the show as its fans.

Still the Same


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Its been nine hours since the new idents launched, and I’m still not sure what to think (they have a certain old ITV1 feel about them).

That said, they really do manage to use the celebrities in a very tasteful way, it more subtle and candid then the usual “cavalcade of stars” thing that Nine has traditionally gone for.

Good news for people who love bad news


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The new opener to the morning news, judge for yourself.

Today Today


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This is what I’ve got so far from the relaunched Nine network (although some of it is Win because I’m in Canberra). The first video is the ident that ran before the Today show. The second video is Jessica Rowe’s welcome to the Today show and the third is what I assume is the new Nine logo panning from a camera back to the new Today set.

More to come throughout the day.

Today’s Go By


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Given that potentially everything could change on Monday with the arrival of Jessica Rowe to the Today show I thought I’d upload a collection of stuff I grabbed from the Friday’s last pre-Rowe show.

I’ve never liked the graphics on the Today show, especially the weather which has a horrible blue-to-orange gradient in place of the ocean.

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Jingoistic Ja’mie


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When I saw the first few seconds of this Australia Day ident I thought I was in for just another rendition of ‘Advance Australia Fair’, I’m so glad it didn’t work out that way.

And for those of you who don’t get the reference… click here.

The Australia Day Sessions


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Every year on Australia Day Triple J have their Hottest 100. Its a countdown of the 100 best songs of the previous year, and is the worlds largest music poll. So in that tradition I have compiled a list of the 10 most downloaded idents from this site in 2005.

You can watch the countdown in the Top Gear inspired video above (warning: iMovie amateurism abound) or browse the list below the fold..

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