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Good news for people who love bad news

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The new opener to the morning news, judge for yourself.

17 replies on “Good news for people who love bad news”

Unbelievable! I can’t believe how bad this news opener is. The big National Nine News banner resting up high, above the buildings, looks completely ridiculous.

Nine has just proven how much they want to simply duplicate Seven News and its opener – they decided to copy the idea of running the news teaser stories immediately, before the news opening graphics; and the quick swish of the National Nine News logo between the preview teasers is a direct copy of Seven’s logo being used similarly between stories.

One of the only things I don’t mind is the new graphics behind newsreader’s shoulder – much sleeker than before.

Overall it could be enough to make me switch permanently to Seven.


This has all the hallmarks of a interim CEO (Sam Chisholm) trying to leave a lasting impression of his time spent at the top.

Well, Sammy boy, a lasting impression you have left. (I never thought I would say this: ) Even SBS’s World News Tonight has better Openers.


And, as per usual Win Television has amazed me again and come up with the ugliest waterm… I mean Abomination in the history of the earth. WHAT is that thing!?!?!?

I am sure the swimming tonight will provide us with even another example of Win-erisation.

YUK! A disjointed cheap looking attempt. Although I dont mind the new news logo [it looks OK, especially compared to the “all new” 9 logo] but the idea of having the news logo sitting on SYDNEY buildings [I’m from Melbourne, wonder if we’ll see a localised version tonight – doubt it] looks plain stupid….although it does look “OK” at the end superimposed over the city.

I can’t believe how bad Ch 9 have got it with this re-vamp. Since 1979, their look has been stylish, polished and the best in the biz……I spose this may help 7 lead the rating for the first time since…..ohh before 1979……

I agree the news opener truely is TACKY with a capitol everything! While the city in the opener is composite it feels like a bloody lotto add with a big ball or scratchie flying over the city! But at least in melbourne they updated the background from a 3yr old city scape to one that most likely will stay for as long but is of a strangely similar vantage as Seven’s live cam which is behind Peter Mitchell on the news! Even the new 9 music is crap, just a cheap rework of the old. It is so sad! Also the new look aca is so seedy, with a camera lense as the focus and all the black! I’m glad I “Made the Switch” to seven news, which is of a higher quality anyway, and to the beautifull and wonderfull Naomi’s TT.

Nick Renwick: “The beautifull and wonderfull Naomi’s TT”

Are you being paid by Channel Seven? (Actually, considering your continual espousing of how wonderful Seven is across several threads, that’s not unlikely.) Referring to Naomi whatsherface as beautiful and wonderful is a bit much. She’s not a good host and her smile makes her look like a hungry shark. However, I agree that ACA’s rework is a bit much. They don’t seem to have settled on a colour scheme – half of it is in dark colours and half in pastels. Maybe they’re trying to appeal to a mixed-gender audience or something.

LOL no i am not being paid by seven, I just feel channel 9 treats melbourne like second class citizens whereas as seven goes out of its way to localise itself with such things as a giant news ticker opposite fed sq!

Why doesn’t anyone watch ABC News?

All the commercial stations broadcast rediculous ‘celebrity’ stories
that show that all 9, 7 and 10 care about is making their viewers ‘laugh.’
It’s rediculous. The top story on ACA last week was “World’s Sexiest Grandmas”
and last night’s news was how some model tripped up on the catwalk!!

Also they actually advertise the news – like saying ‘come and watch this big
disaster 5 hundred people killed all dead amazing amazing amazing Must See!”
How stupid (not to mention disrespectful) is that?!


Who the hell is this new Wendy Kingston? 7news morning at 10.30 with the great Mike Amor[he’s filling in 4 Ann Sanders during the Summer period] had finished, I was flippn’ through the channels and I flipped past NNN opener.NNN’s national bulletins are a joke but local bulletins like in Adelaide are great.In conclusion, does anybody know anything About Wendy?

Wendy held regional spots down throughout south east QLD. I think she is fantastic, has great poise, speaks excellently, and is beautiful to the eye!!

Wendy Kingston was a presenter with WIN News in Queensland beofre joining 9 as a reporter for the daytime news bulletins, she is filling in for kellie Connolly, who is filling in for Georgie gardiner, who is filling in untill TODAy finds a new news reader.
Also The national Bulletis are sooooo much better than the local Adelaide one. NWS9 produces Australia’s most poorly produced news, its graphics are terrible, most new reporters are well below standards, and it just looks so old an stale

N9N Perth is much better than N9N Adelaide. Better graphics and opener, better promotions, better everything (bar presenters). It is getting hard to watch N9N Adelaide c ause it just really is so far below par

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