Ten Network Videos: Idents

Summer on Ten


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Ten are still running their usual idents but I saw this one tonight and thought it wasn’t too bad. Its only really a pseudo ident, but I liked the simple font and colour combination. The promo includes two short videos, the first one has a girl with super-blue eyes which looks cool, but the second one has a girl twirling on the beach and it just looks badly filmed and more spray-tan commercial then ident.

I wonder how long they will stick with this ‘seriously’ thing.

BBC One Videos: Idents

UK: BBC One ‘Little Britain’

The new season of Little Britain started last Thursday and instead of its usual debut on BBC Three it got the big seal of approval with a BBC One premiere. To celebrate Red Bee (formerly BBC Broadcast before Australia’s Macquarie Bank bought it) got Tom Baker to be the continuity announcer for the night. The script for the evenings idents were written by Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

I think its brilliant that they went to the trouble to do something different, they draw attention to the idents, and I just love how ingrained idents and continuity announcments seem to be in British pop culture.

Do the boom shack a lack.


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BBC Three Videos: Idents

UK: BBC Three ‘Bungee’


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Finally another BBC3 ident for you, and I think it was worth the wait, this one actually got an audible laugh out of me. I really love the concept of the BBC3 idents, and initially the whole ‘blobs’ thing didn’t appeal to me, but its totally grown on me. (Thanks Graham).

SBS Videos: Idents

Highest ratings ever


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SBS just celebrated their highest ratings ever with a total of 4.5 million tuning in to watch Australia beat Uruguay in the World Cup qualifying match. So what better time to show off their new idents, although I’m probably still too in love with their old ones to give a balanced opinion on these.

They kind of remind me of the iPod ads (especially the new one), but apart from that they are once again better then anything else on Australian TV (next to maybe ABC2), and at least SBS change them before you get a chance to get sick of them.

Channel 4 Videos: Promos

All of us are Lost


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The pilot for Lost was the most expensive TV pilot ever, so it seems only fair that Channel 4 go and make the most expensive UK commercial ever to promote it. According to Wikipedia, these two David LaChapelle directed promos for Lost cost over £1 million.

I think they are fantastic and love that Channel 4 went to the trouble of actually doing something with the cast and not just using footage from the show, I love the theme and love that they actually created a story for the promo beyond just “this is the show.. watch it!”. I actually saw a print ad version of it in RadioTimes while I was in the UK but didn’t realise it was based on this.

More networks should use the cast to create original promos, its no doubt more expensive but damn it looks good.

ABC1 Videos: Broadcast News Videos: Openings

Live from the Nations Capital


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The ABC changed its news opener and theme on Australia Day this year along with new sets and wide screen broadcasting for the bulletin. Given the ten months I’ve now had to digest it, I’d have to say I like it a lot more then I did then, I think the opener is pretty cool, I like how the city names appear and fade as the “ABCNews” banner covers the globe, and while the music isn’t as dramatic as the old theme its not the travesty I probably once thought it was (on a side note, Triple J’s remix of the old news theme remains my ringtone).

I think Virginia Hausegger does an excellent job, and with only Win News to compete with locally she doesn’t have much competition.


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And now for something slightly different, this footage is the ABC news opener without any actual news items or voice overs.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

Completely Pointless


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Well I had my last exam today, and all going to plan I’ll graduate in Decemeber. So what better way to celebrate then with Clarke and Dawe from the 7.30 Report deconstructing their promo and pointing out how the whole thing is “completely pointless”…