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Channel Nine welcomes Jessica Rowe (9.2mb) >> To comment and watch more of the Today show relaunch visit


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This is what I’ve got so far from the relaunched Nine network (although some of it is Win because I’m in Canberra). The first video is the ident that ran before the Today show. The second video is Jessica Rowe’s welcome to the Today show and the third is what I assume is the new Nine logo panning from a camera back to the new Today set.

More to come throughout the day.

7 replies on “Today Today”

Watched the start of the Today show this morning, it just seems they’re copying a bit from SR. The graphics seem to be of lesser quality than they used to be, the desk is back, and they now have a sports reporter. But that WIN logo, living in Albury with regional affiliates, that is now easily the worst logo on TV.

Oh come on, is it really worse than the Prime Logo?! Surely they’re both just as bad as each other. They’re not logos at all.

And as for the new Nine logo: why is this an improvement? And why did it take 6 months for some rebranding genius to come up with this? It’s like the rebrand you have when you’re not having a rebrand. So the dots are gone but the 9 is the same. Bo-ring.

Ugh, apparently millions spent on the “new” nine logo. Its not a new logo…its still basically the same since the early 70’s. This version looks cheap, [check – at least they can co-ordinate their re-launch!!] Usually 9 are the best at promoting themselves…..have they shown their usual “Still the one” long promo yet [sorry, was away for the first 3 weeks of Jan this year!]? Check the photos on their website under “behind the scenes”…me thinks this could be it!

I don’t mind the ‘new’ logo – I think it would have been stupid for Nine to walk away from the brand they’ve spent so long establishing.

It must have been interesting though, giving the brief to the expensive re-branding bloke: “We want a new logo, this time with no dots.”

Months later, they come back – and they’ve done what they were told to do: remove the dots!

I have to say so far, I am very dissapointed. Getting rid of the dots was a bad idea and the graphics are even crappier than the ones before it. Yes, not happy at all.

It seems Nine has lost its balls! It has a very british feel, very cheap, especially the “heart warming” footage behind their schedules etc, and they have help true to being Channel Nine “sydney is still the one”! All the new footage is of sydney vistas, much of the very lame news openers is from sydney and at the end of the news the map has a pulsating dot over sydney and only tiny fanit ones over melb etc! At least Seven makes a huge effort to let us melbournes know where we live and that they appreciate us. Melbourne’s Today Tonight, Melbourne Weekender, Melbouren’s Deal or No Deal etc. I foresee this as our future: Melbourne’s National Nine Sydney News Live from Sydney!

why can’t nine end this relentless pursuit of copying seven. The Today show & National Nine News are trying to get as close to seven as possible (however seven do a much better job. The dropping of the dots to the pre 1987 logo is a joke. why not be different?

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