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Still the Same

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Its been nine hours since the new idents launched, and I’m still not sure what to think (they have a certain old ITV1 feel about them).

That said, they really do manage to use the celebrities in a very tasteful way, it more subtle and candid then the usual “cavalcade of stars” thing that Nine has traditionally gone for.

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Well after the atrocity of the news “opener”, these do seem rather rosy.

Judging from the examples in the earlier post, Nine’s look much better than Win’s… but hey, what’s new?

Since when did all 20 million Australians suddenly suffer from some amnesia-like disorder?

“This is Win Television”. “This >is

Turn it up all you whingers – you haven’t even seen the full package yet you’re all banging on about how bad everything is. Wait and look and consider, then give your opinions.

I’ve seen the full package, with their jazz band, celebrity singers Still the One 9 love fest and all the different sydney focused, yet nationally broadcast, promos and openers and I can safely say that it looks cheap, not as bad as 10 but certainly no match for Seven News, TT, Sunrise and the general 7 on air image. While is was time for a revamp at 9 the new logo is like a 70s computer graphic on Pong! I really hope everyone, particularly in melb where nine is strongest, continues the switch to 7 for its better news and current affairs, aussie productions and hit international imports. AND JUST ONE MORE THING: THERE ARE MORE TELEVISION VIEWERS IN MELBOURNE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE SO WHY DOES NINE AND TEN CONTINUE TO SO INSISTANTLY FOCUS THEMSELVES ON SYDNEY???? IT IS SUCH AN INSULT, AND INSULT TO ALL OTHER CITIES THAT ONE IS FOCUSED ON MORE HEAVILY THAN ANOTHER

Ho hum… Gotta say, I’m fairly unmoved by the new idents and logo. How inventive was it to chop off the circles on the old logo? If anyone has seen the PRIME (Channel 7 affiliate) idents the boxes actually kinda remind me of their promos from a couple of years back!

I still maintain the ABC have the best current idents. While it’s great to see a change at 9, I somehow figured they’d be a little more imaginative. Instead, what they’ve ended up feeding us with is something fairly brutally conservative and safe (at least I guess it reflects their programming). While I don’t believe they’re in any way ‘ugly’, far be it for 9 to take even an inch of risk and provide us with something slightly different.

While the “whole package” is a definite step backwards (and toward a ratings crevasse), individual bits of “that package” aren’t that bad:

– The actual network idents. These are of quite some quality, and the inclusion of known identies somewhat humanises the network’s image.

– The Today Shown. Yay!!! The new set eve came with a desk (yes… a desk!!!). Oh… and a new host.

– Win News. While its new look is basically the same as the National Nine News one this is, sadly, a unmeasurable improvement from the old Win one.

– Wide World of Sport. While Win is still grafittying it for regional Australia, the whole 5secs of the Nine watermark that I saw before the Win one arrived didn’t look that bad at all.

– Need I say it? The National News. And to think that I used to think that the old Blue-Orange eyesore was painful…!! Even Peter Hitchener (Melbourne anchor) tonight looked a bit uneasy… not his normal bubbly self. The opener looks like that ad a while back where that giant Nurofen tablet was flying through the city. That, coupled alongside the afternoon edition with Mike Mun… Mun…, is my comedy fix for the day anyway!

– The ‘Mind tap’: “This is Win Television”, “Across Australia, This is Win Television”, “This is Win Tel…..”. I now have the local mental home on speed dial… just in case I twig.

– Win Victoria’s ‘watermark’ during the Melbourne National News. The TV Guide should have read “Win Logo with a teeny-weeny little serve of today’s News. Complete with Nurofen Ad.”

Now… let’s hope someone from Channels Nine and Win see this and the other posts.

Mr. Channel Nine and Win dudes: We speak only the truth!


I agree, the indents are OK…nothing flash….but the “This is Channel 9” voiceover is so, so, umm, so 70’s and cheap. WE KNOW ITS CHANNEL 9 – THERES THE WORLDS STRONGEST WATERMARK IN THE CORNER! Have they got a new voiceover guy? He sounds like a reject from Channel 10, or some community TV station!

I see a few tweaks will have to occur… the white nine at the bottom of promos gets lost [especially when Tracey Grimshaw wears a white top to promote tonights show] – why wouldnt they put the blue box behind the white 9???
I do like the new branding of Wide World of Sports and National Nine news – the same logo is a good look.

And the bloody watermark….it’s so bright [compare it to 7’s].

The new Still the One promo is just OK….nothing like they used to do in the late 80’s early 90’s – now that was promoting yourself to the extreme! This one lacks imaginiation, but looks OK…its a little tiresome just seeing their stars singing – need some humour and interest!

Your correct Dean, that is 10’s V/O guy, he’s at 9 now, also I prefer having a V/O over ident I dunno, it just has more balance to it (depends who is doing it).

Looks a lot like TV3’s idents in NZ which have been around for a couple of years now. 3’s use silver transparent squares rather than orange and blue.

While the Watermark and new logo are completely horrible, the rest has me largely impressed. The entire suite of idents have a unique look to them in a way that I haven’t seen on Australian Television before.

While Seven’s idents are consistent in their look, they lack the sense of cohesion that Nine have pulled together with their new graphics. Heck, the station actually feels as if it is being branded and is not just a hodge-podge of different programs with different intents.

The news certainly looks a whole lot more professional, lacking the stuffiness caused by the old graphics.

It’s just a shame that the actual content on Nine sucks so horribly.

This is off the trck a bit, but in the recent Kerry PAcker Tribute, they showed parts of nines first “Still the one” long promo from about 1978 or so. The video f this part of the show is now on Nine MSN…

You’ll have to click through to about the 3 minute mark on this video[its right after Bert Newton does his Kerry PAcker impresination]. If my link dosnt work, simply go to ninemsn and click through to the Kerry PAcker tribute page, and click the video entitled “THeres only one Alan Bond”.

Would love to see this ident in its entirity again, as I remember it really set the tone for nine promotions up until this day!


What ever happened to good old pete smith on channel nine, i never hear his voice anymore, the only time i did was the other day when i rang GTV-9 in melbourne and the poor old bugger was the hold message! bring back pete for voice overs!

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