Channel 4 Videos: Idents

UK: Some 4’s


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For some reason I thought I’d already posted these, but apparently I hadn’t, still got more UK stuff to come, I really liked 4 while I was in the UK, the idents and the channel… can you spot the Mercedes? Enjoy.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

Australian perspective on the world

abc asia

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ABC Asia Pacific is the international sibling of everyones favourite national broadcaster, and is available in over 9 million homes in 40 countries. This video has a real “promotional” feel to it with the testimonials and all, but the graphics of the ‘everyones’ and red globe (although very BBCesque) are really cool.

SBS Videos: Idents

Drop SBS

sbs drop

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I haven’t seen a new one of these in ages, I love the SBS water idents, and as far as a series of Australian idents go these are absolutely my favourite.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

And the winner is..


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The Promax&BDA awards were held last month and the winner for best ‘Television Image Campaign’ was the ABC with its Anzac day idents. The Anzac day idents are probably the best I’ve seen from the ABC, I didn’t get a chance to record them on the actual day buy luckily I got my hands on this.

For a full run down of the winners click here.