BBC Three Videos: Idents

UK: BBC Three ‘Afro’

Update: Check out a bunch more of the BBC Three “blob” idents here.


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This was the only BBC Three ident I captured on my trip, I did see a few others though, and while there not my favourite, they are pretty cool, and seem to be reflective of BBC Three as a channel.

I like it how they introduce the BBC Three box logo in different way, like it dropping into the screen or being revealed with a transition like it is in this one. The music is very cool, and I love the way they use audio from all different places as the voices for the blobs.

I’m also experimenting with my video encoding, so could you tell me which version (bigger or smaller) looks and sounds the best on your computer, and which you prefer. I work on a Mac so it can be hard to tell how the rest of the world see’s things.

Web Misc

Updated logo (again)


I’ve been back in Canberra for a few days, and in the spirit of inclusivity, I thought I would update the blog logo to celebrate my newly added UK idents. I’ve also decided to tell the world about my impending university graduation, what can I do with a Bachelor of Communications again?

Nine Network Videos: Idents

From the UK to regional Australia.


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This is the local variation of Channel Nine’s ident. Because I live in Canberra, I get the regional affiliate, Win, and not Nine, but they look the same. I’ve never really liked these that much, but others seem to.

BBC One Videos: Idents

UK: The ident that started it all.


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UPDATE: Slightly longer version of this ident.

> RealPlayer Stream (1mb)

This was the first BBC ident I ever saw and not living in the UK I may have never seen it if it wasn’t for the hilarious Dead Ringers which airs on the ABC in Australia.

It was this ident that really got me interested in the television presentation and design genre, and basically the reason I started this site. I’d never seen such effort put into TV branding before this and the quality of it just blew me away.

This was also the first time I heard a ‘continuity announcer’ talk live over an ident and I think this British broadcasting oddity is something we should import to Australia.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it, and I have many more UK idents to come.

BBC Two Videos: Idents

UK: BBC2 ‘Sticky’


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The BBC2 idents are just amazing, the animation is seamless, and I love how in this one the ‘2’ actually interacts with the logo on the screen. Many more BBC2’s to come.

Channel 4 Videos: Idents

UK: 4 ‘Power Lines’


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> Quicktime MPEG4 Download (2.6mb)

From the network that brings Big Brother to the UK comes this ident featuring powerlines that come together to form the Channel 4 logo.

Channel Five Videos: Idents

Channel Five versus a Shark.


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(1.7mb progressive)

Why can’t an Australian network do something as cool and simple as a shark eating a meat version of their logo? Love it.

Web Misc

Updated Logo (Going British)


Thats right! For one week I’ll be in the UK, I leave Canberra on the 12th, get to London on the 13th, and then leave London on the 19th and get home on the 21st. Hope to update you during the trip with the wonders of the UK.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

Exercise your imagination


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I may not like the traditional ABC idents, but they do seem to know what their doing when it comes to promos. This new one for the corporation’s recently redesigned website is fantastic, and follows on the ‘Exercise Your Imagination’ and “painting with light” themes started online.

I would love to see this idea used as the basis for some new ABC idents, but either way the ABC’s website has never looked better, and hopefully its a sign of more changes to come.

ABC2 Videos: Idents

River: 2


> RealPlayer Stream (390kb)
> Quicktime MPEG4 Download (2.1mb)

Nice, short ABC2 ident, very cool scenery, I like the use of the white-on-black “2” at the end. Enjoy (all 14 seconds of it).