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Bad news for people who love good news

Channel Nine news opener (3.1mb) >> To comment and watch more Channel Nine videos visit


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Its a little different to the morning news, also included the entire weather, with its 3D forecast prediction.

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Win Television has finally woken up to themselves and done something sensible for Sport.

Instead of that Blue mostrocity the were exhibiting yesterday, on the cricket they have just added a (i must say – tiny) “win” underneath the nine watermark… sure it is opaque, sure it has a dodgy rectangle behind it but HEY…. it is FANTASTIC compared to earlier.

Let’s hope this migrates to the News and Today show as well… I’m excited!!!

I also think the weather graphics are slightly better and “unique” but Janie is no competition for Livinia Nixon who presents the weather for National Nine News in Melbourne. The colour scheme is a bit unnatractive

I agree – the weather graphics are great. Here in Queensland, though, climate change has been well and truly confirmed…

When they fly over the forecasts for North/Central Queensland, it looks like those parts are experiencing an ice age! The land on that part of Queensland is light white and looks quite strange.

However, the other night, some parts of SE Qld contained forecasts in the graphics of temperatures of 88 (minimums) and 88 (maximums)!

The new Nine News intro looks a lot like the Channel Seven news intro, Channel Seven has had the “city” look for a while now and it seems that Channel Nine has just copied them but changed it a little to go over the city instead of through it…..

No way man, Janie Seal is way better than Levinia Nixon (at presenting the weather). I love Nixon on Temptation but Janie Seal rocks. She’s hot. She was on the Footy show too.

sorry to say the big WIN SPORT has appeared on the ALF telecast and most probably the criket sorry pete N

Livinia Nixon is no match for Janie Seal. Janie is a hottie and does a great job on the weather. Livinia is a good co-host or presenter. Hell she was even on Hey Hey, different ball game altogether. Janie adds new meaning to “theres a storm brewing …”

Majella doesn’t hold a candle to Janie Seal. I wish we didn’t have to wait until the end of the bulletin to see the weather. She’s just yummy.

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