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Sunrise: a Yahoo! production

Seven sunrise opener (5.4mb) >> To comment and watch more Seven videos visit

Update: The theme song is Duran Duran’s “(Reach up for the) Sunrise


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The Sunrise opening, can you smell the chemistry…

More interestingly though if you haven’t been to Yahoo lately your in for a surprise, the rebranded portal is now Yahoo7, a joint venture between 7 and Yahoo Australia.

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Channel 7 is really gunning to become the new number one network, and they are doing a pretty good job. NineMSN always seemed to get the title of “Australia’s number one website”, it will be interesting to see how Yahoo7 ranks against it.

Personally I’d always side with Yahoo over MSN, Seven over Nine, and Sunrise over Today, it looks like Seven have got me figured.

Speaking of websites though, when is Ten going to do something with their tacky, template driven, nothing of a website.. GoogleTen? MySpace10?

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The problem is that for all of the corporate synergy involved in the creation of Yahoo7, it has the same fundamental problem that NineMsn maintains. It completely lacks substance.

Yahoo’s search engine is at least better than MSN’s, and the interface isn’t all too horrible, but I expect more from Yahoo7 than just a portal. With so much content devised daily for broadcast, it’s a shame that they can’t actually create some written content to support their programming. Outside of their news shows and big US import series, there is a complete lack of content relating to their other programming. Why not use the website to its full potential and market the entire range of programming on offer?

The Internet is a move away from having to follow the masses. It allows people to tailor their media experience to their own whims. To simply force the same key content from broadcast onto this new media is, well, uninspiring.

I was wondering, what is the name of the music used for the intro sequence? I know it is not library music and all, but I forgot the name of that song. Can anyone help me out?

The song they use for the start is ‘Reach up for the Sunrise’ by Duran Duran. I think its sped up a little bit.

They use a Remix by Jason Nevins that is only avaliable on the ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ soundtrack.

I Do not like the new set the desk looks cheap and it looks empty although i like the “7 Sunrise” on the glass, much prefer the new today desk and set.

Count yourselves lucky your breakfast television even HAS a set!

I live in Ireland and between 6 and 10 am we have the choice of :

RTE 1 : Re-runs of yesterday’s talk shows; a 5 minute news update every hour.

RTE 2 : Kids shows – Dora the Explorer (a bit advanced for me…)

TV 3 : Ireland AM (Like Sunrise but presented from what could even be a garden shed to be fair)

TG 4 : EURONEWS! It’s a news channel that covers the whole of Europe with reports from all of the PSBs dubbed in English, and plays the same thing every 15 minutes. Oh – and no in-vision presenters, ads or interseting stuff. Ah well – it could be worse. They could be standing up.

What is “Brakey Central”? I hear it a lot in the beginning sequence! It became a joke for my friends at the student TV station at my school, where we rename it “Crikey Central”.

To Dan, 7 has now lived up to the potential of the yahoo7 site and there is substantial coverage of all their shows, locally made ones and imports.

Anyone know the song when they show the currency, mean with the dollar going up or down.

plays for a quick 20secounds maybe.

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