ITV Videos: Idents

State of Independence


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ITV relaunched their idents on Monday the 16th. The channels seperate themselves a lot better then before, and according to ITV, if each channel were a celebrity;

ITV1 would be Robbie Williams; youth channel ITV2 would be defined by Cameron Diaz; drama channel ITV3 by Sheila Hancock and men’s channel ITV4 by Daniel Craig.

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ABC1 Videos: Idents

Exercise your imagination II


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I saw the first one of these back in August and I really liked it. This was before ABC relaunched and I was hoping they might adopt this idea for the whole networks branding. This new one is only slightly different, but still enjoyable and brilliantly made.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

Podcast this


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Podcasting is one of those “beautiful” technologies that can really thrive and benefit on a public broadcaster. At the moment Ross and Terri and Harry Shearer’s Le Show is the only thing I’m subsribed too, but when normal programming resumes I try to catch Hack and Sunday Night Safran as well.

The ABC has been really forward in promoting it on the radio but this was the first time I’d seen a TV promo for it, simple but cool.

Web Misc

And we’re back


Videos are finally back online, sorry about the unplanned outage.

Web Misc



Video’s are offline at the moment sorry.. should be up again soon.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

This is where your world starts spinning


“The World Beckons” – around the world in 80 treasures, foreign correspondent, life in the undergrowth

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“Challenges are Met” – brat camp, space race, peking to paris

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“Life is Lighter” – worst week of my life, extras, little britain

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These are ABC’s promo’s for all the new shows coming up in 2005, I really like the song, but have no idea what it is.

I’m hoping there’s another one of these out there featuring West Wing, I can’t wait to see how ABC promote it.

SBS Videos: Idents

Summertime SBS


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SBS have gone all out for summer, the idents are very ‘Australian’ without pandering, the top two are my favourite, but I really like the whole theme.

Continue for more SBS..

Seven Network Videos: Idents

Summertime Seven


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Living in Prime-affiliate-country I haven’t had much of a chance to develop any sort of love and/or hate relationship for the Seven TV-mascot thing. The idents are well made and the TV man character is fairly endearing, but I guess anything is better then ‘bringing it home to me’. (Thanks Matt).

BBC Four Videos: Idents

And now four something completely different


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BBC Four relaunched their idents on September 10 last year, I like the idea, but I really was in love with the old ones, there was just something very appropriate about them. Red Bee Media (aka BBC Broadcast) created the new set;

that challenge viewers to reappraise how they see the world around them. Initially there appears to be only one image on the screen – be it of a swimming pool or bees gathering pollen from flowers – but as the narrative of the sequence unfolds it is revealed that there are actually four separate frames that all act independently.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

There’s (even) more to…


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I actually first heard about this ident from you, my readers before I even saw it on TV, and its really really good, I think its actually better then the other new ABC 60 second promo. I think the ‘radioscape’ (pictured above) on the beach is the best part of it.

It also makes reference to the ‘push red’ function on digital TV’s so perhaps ABC will start introducing some interactive content soon.