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Today’s Go By

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Given that potentially everything could change on Monday with the arrival of Jessica Rowe to the Today show I thought I’d upload a collection of stuff I grabbed from the Friday’s last pre-Rowe show.

I’ve never liked the graphics on the Today show, especially the weather which has a horrible blue-to-orange gradient in place of the ocean.

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8 replies on “Today’s Go By”

Today is so dodge, Im hardly their demo but i like sunrise cause they make you laugh whilst giving you the news and they’re nice people, down to earth, and when you meet them, they’re the same as they are on tv. I can compare th hosts of the today show to the carboard cutout who used to host my restuarant rules, curtis stone. Today is boring, their jokes are bad and their is never anything interesting, i only ever watch today so i can switch between SD & HD to see the different watermark.

Today is on Prime in NZ. Not the Australian Prime, but the Prime that was owned by the Australian Prime but had channel 9 programs. But they were recently bought out by Sky, so we’ll see what happens there.

If you ever say again that the people of Sunrise are either down to earth or funny, I’m going to cough up a brick. I had had a cent for every big-headed comment “Kochie” has made, I wouldn’t be typing this.

I here that the whole set is going to change and they are going to be back behind a desk, it’s pretty silly considering they spent so much money on the current set they have now. But still, I am interested to see all the 9/WIN changes on Monday

Thanks for those caps. I also haven’t been a huge fan of todays graphics – lets hope the next ones are better

I think with SKY buying Prime, they may leave Today on air or try a local based ripoff but personally, and with having lived in Australia for six years, I think they should leave the Australian one on air.

Oh, and one more thing, Australia’s weather is shown on TVNZ’s One News. I dont know if TV3 (owned by Canwest who also own TEN) do it either though.

SKY News Australia, which supplies content to SKY Television here, also show New Zealand weather.

I think its done so that travellers to New Zealand (and vice versa) can get an idea of how hot or cold it will be, but i think its really done since we have such close links to one another.

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