Ten Network Videos: Idents

Seriously Sly / Seriously Bert

Two more Network Ten idents, the first one features Bert Newton, and the second has the guy who plays Paul on neighbours.


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Updated logo


In a bid to be slightly more relevant I’ve updated the header logo to include only Australian TV channels.

ABC2 Videos: Idents

Lit up from within itself?


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Just another ABC2 ident, unlike all the others though, this one ends with a white 2 on a black background (as opposed to white on white) and I think the execution of the big 2 (being lit up from within itself) is very cool.

Nine Network Seven Network Ten Network Videos: Broadcast News Videos: Openings

Commercial Network News

Opening sequences for news broadcasts of the three commercial networks in Australia.


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Anchor: Mark Ferguson
Time: 6pm Weeknights (or 6.30pm in some parts)


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Anchor: Ian Ross (ex Channel Nine anchor)
Time: 6pm Weeknights


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Anchors: Jessica Rowe and Ron Wilson
Time: “First at Five”

SBS Videos: Idents

Distressing and Offensive


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I promise that I will post something that isn’t an SBS ident next time, but I saw this the other day, and like all the other “water” idents I love it. At the end of this ident is a ‘Viewer Advice’ because the program that the ident was prefacing was “distressing and offensive” (it was a documentary about prision rape).

SBS Videos: Idents

SBS keeps getting wetter.


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I love the SBS water idents, and while this one remains my favourite the one i’m posting today is just as cool. So once again Australia’s smallest tv network has managed to make the countries most elegant and well designed idents.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

Who is coming.


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Some of ABC’s new idents are hybrid promo’s for other shows on the network. So far i’ve seen this one for Doctor Who, one for their new reality show Outback House and one for Elvis by the Presley’s. Will post anymore if I see them.

ABC2 Videos: Idents

Mirror Mirror


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Yet another ABC2 ident, I’m kind of surprised how many of these they have made, but i’m not complaining, this one is simple but cool.

For those of you that don’t know ABC2 is a digital only channel offered by the ABC. The ABC is funded by the Australian government and under current legislation, ABC2 is only allowed to broadcast specific genres of TV, such as arts and regional programs, and for some bizarre reason is not allowed to broadcast national news, comedy, national sport and drama which is kind of a kill joy which means most of ABC’s cool programming can’t be repeated on ABC2.

The Minister for Communications Senator Helen Coonan is currently considering reforms which would allow a greater range of programming on digital television and I certainly hope they go through with it.