Nine Network Videos: Openings

What journalists will do for money.


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After the response to my Today Tonight post I thought I’d upload the ACA opener. Living in Canberra, TT and ACA don’t clash, so I get a full hour of wasted primetime from 6.30 every night.

Seeing as I recorded A Current Affair tonight I thought I’d watch a bit, and it didn’t dissapoint! It was textbook crap, starting with a great story about angry parents fighting bureaucracy (there’s that word), followed by a dogdy removalist, followed by a hidden camera expose on fish, and it all ended by giving us all some false hope about how “you too can win millions from competitions” if you just enter heaps of times.

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Updated logo.. The Chaser


The Chaser’s War on Everything is my favourite new show of the year, just think though, only 24 more weeks of it.

For clips from the show check out the Chaser category of this blog, or the podcast.

Seven Network Videos: Idents

Seven’s Shroud of Turino


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I didn’t watch any of the Olympics this year, but I did capture this early this morning.

I’m not sure if it’s made by Seven, or if its something supplied by the IOC, very slick either way.

ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

Morecroft vs Tynan


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This is my last Chaser post until next weekend I promise, but this face off between ABC veteran news reader Richard Morecroft and Sky News reporter Jacinta Tynan seemed too cool not to share. Its basicaly just a read-off between the two of them over some testing autocue dialogue.

I knew this show would be funny, I loved Today Today, but I just didn’t think it would be this good.

Sorry about the size of the H264 video, but don’t forget there is always a slightly smaller iPod version available through the podcast. I know I’m stepping on enough copyright as it is but I’d upload whole episodes if I didn’t fear the wrath of ABC legal.

ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

Sunrise vs Today


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The Chaser did a really funny piece on the rivalry between Sunrise and Today.

ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

This week in current affairs shows: Part 2


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It looks like this is going to be a regular segment on The Chaser’s War on Everything, this week they look at some of the TV conventions used in A Current Affair and Today Tonight, including that generic footage you always see of people while they’re being introduced.

If you missed it, here is last weeks segment too.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

The Who’s Who of the Wing


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This short intro ran just before the first episode of the West Wing started on ABC last night, its a simple who’s who of the show.

Ten Network Videos: Promos

My belated O.C. post


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This is a few weeks old now, but Ten have always done well by The O.C. after Nine dumped it, and although I don’t watch the show, it always seems to have cool music.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

What are you doing tonight?


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Tonight. ABC. 9.30pm. “20 Hours in America”.

The re-election campaign of President Josiah Bartlet is underway and moving quickly – so quickly that after Bartlet finishes a speech in Unionville, Indiana, Josh, Toby and Donna are accidentally left behind by the motorcade containing C.J. Cregg and the other staffers. The three must find their own way back to Washington D.C.

Channel Five Videos: Idents

Live. Life. Five.


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I saw my first ident from Five while I was in the UK, and I thought it was brillant, these are just as stunning and creative.