BBC Two Videos: Idents

UK: BBC Two ‘Remote’


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> Quicktime MPEG4 Download (3.1mb)

The makers of these idents have managed to give this mute “2” character such a personality of its own, I love it how it makes you aware of its surrondings, like by hitting the camera, or picking up the BBC logo.

Nine Network Videos: Idents

Same stuff, different colour


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Just the yellow/amber variation of the purple ident you’ve already seen. I’m not a fan of these and this post is really just a segway for me to direct you to an article from Crikey about a possible rebrand at Channel Nine.

There’s a couple of suggestions from the Willoughby bunker that Nine may be losing the famous dotty Nine logo of the Network

Read the article here.

BBC One Videos: Idents

UK: BBC One ‘Dock’


> RealPlayer Stream (1.1Mb)
> RealPlayer Stream: SE Varient (604kb) (Thanks again Martin)

I just love BBC One idents, and this is no exception. The first link is for the ident I captured while I was in the UK, and the second is slightly longer version, and is the BBC South East varient.

BBC One is also apparently planning to ditch its current idents for a new set of promos some time in the future, should be interesting to see what they come up with. The Guardian also had an interesting rant about how idents are a waste of money.

Who or what will now replace them? Who cares? Only one thing is certain: a very large sum of money will be spent to provide something new which we could all quite easily live without, something which, you can be sure, will be scrapped after a year or so.

Channel Five Seven Network Videos: Idents

Crime time on Prime, Seven.. and Five?

I was recording Prime tonight, and as I flicked through the ads I noticed this promo for “Crime Prime Time Wednesday” that looked amazingly similar to a crime promo I saw while I was in the UK for Channel Five.

I hadn’t recorded a copy while I was in London but I did find footage online at The TV Room. If you compare the two you quickly realise they use the exact same footage. I’m going to assume Channel Five created the footage originally, it’s just weird that they would sell it to another network to use, well that or Seven stole it.

> RealPlayer Stream: Prime Promo (1.7mb)
> RealPlayer Stream: Five Promo (900kb) (Via TV Room)

ITV Videos: Idents

UK: ITV1’s


> RealPlayer Stream: ITV Ident (670kb)

I only managed to capture one ITV ident while I was away, and compared to the other British broadcasters they aren’t really that engaging. However, something a little more interesting from ITV are their 50th anniversary promos. Its very polished and although I don’t recognise some of the celebrities its still very well done.

> RealPlayer Stream: ITV 50th (2mb)

(With thanks to Martin from Mocksfactory)

Seven Network Videos: Idents

From the UK to regional Australia, part 2


> RealPlayer Stream (600kb)

Because I live in “regional Australia”, as I’ve mentioned before I don’t get the real broadcasts of the commercial stations. For Nine, I get Win, for Ten, I get Southern Cross, and for Seven, I get Prime.

This ident comes from Prime, the broadcaster that is “bringing it home to me”. I’m not a big fan of purely computer generated idents, I tend to prefer the BBC1’s of the ident world.

BBC Four Videos: Idents

UK: BBC Four x 4 (+1)

I love these BBC Four idents, they’re everything idents should be, visually engaging and a little pretentious. I knew what to expect when I switched on BBC Four (well as much as this sketch from Dead Ringers could have taught me).

My favourite of these is probably “Brit Pop”.


> “This is BBC Four” RealPlayer Stream (232kb)


> “Personal Traumas” RealPlayer Stream (540kb)


> “Brit Pop” RealPlayer Stream (1.1mb)


> “The Man Who Deciphered Linear B” RealPlayer Stream (1mb)

ABC2 Videos: Idents

Hello, Spring.


> RealPlayer Stream Smaller (477kb)
> QuickTime Download (1.4mb)

This one looks cool, but the music is a bit too ‘colonial’ for me, much prefer the music they use in this ident, but maybe thats just the 20-year-old coming out in me.