Channel Five Videos: Idents

Channel Five versus a Shark.


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Why can’t an Australian network do something as cool and simple as a shark eating a meat version of their logo? Love it.

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I have never seen this particular one so you have beaten me to it! But Five does have some fantastic idents. Incidentally Five isn’t broadcast in southern England (apart from London) as it would interfere with French TV. The only way to recieve it is to have sattlelite, cable or if you live in an area where digital terrestrial is available – again because of French TV this isn’t widely available in the southern counties.

It’s great to see that five has had some common since with their idents, they ditched their old (Celebrity) Idents and replaced them with a new logo.

Actually ‘five’ *is* broadcast in Southern England and has been since day one. There is some weird anomaly with the frequencies which meant that a lot of video recorders had to be retuned when it started and I am able to pick it up with a standard roof-mounted aerial. It depends on where you are as to how good your signal is of course.

Of course with Freeview I get it crystal clear which I never got back in the late 90s.

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