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UK: 4 ‘Power Lines’


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From the network that brings Big Brother to the UK comes this ident featuring powerlines that come together to form the Channel 4 logo.

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This Ident and other of the current Channel 4 series is really good, when they rebranded not too long ago, (New Years Eve 2004) we were afraid that they would change their well know 25 year old logo, which still looks modern today.
But luckly they didn’t and instead created these set of ident.

The CGI is good 🙂

Funnily enough I was watching that very movie! Wow, as the film I was watching started, an Australian bloke was recording the ident before it! 😀

yeah these idents are really excellent. Does anyone have the music to this ‘powerlines’ one, or know who it’s by.

I’ve been looking for ages.

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