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From the UK to regional Australia.


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This is the local variation of Channel Nine’s ident. Because I live in Canberra, I get the regional affiliate, Win, and not Nine, but they look the same. I’ve never really liked these that much, but others seem to.

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I like that one, in fact I am impressed by all of the 9/WIN idents. The way the slogan is “built in” to the form up works well too.

Also the fact that WIN is an affiliate of 9 but the name is still used and promoted unlike here where the regional name is used ocasionally like it’s an afterthought.

Ah… good ‘ol Win. Remember it from my Central Western NSW days (shamefully). They do a similar thing with the Northern NSW affiliate NBN by simply replacing 9/WN with NBN.

Further to Stu’s comments on WIN/NBN it’s good to see that the regional branding is well used in Australia. The regional branding that was once so strong on the ITV network here in England is all but gone. The only hint of regionality we get now is occassionally ahead of a regional programme the name of the regional franchise holder (in the case of where I live “Meridian”) is dumped below the blob that is meant to suffice as an ident.

BBC ONE do a little better and use regional idents ahead of all regional programmes and main news bulletins. Again though this is just the region name tacked to the main network ident.

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