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UK: The ident that started it all.


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UPDATE: Slightly longer version of this ident.

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This was the first BBC ident I ever saw and not living in the UK I may have never seen it if it wasn’t for the hilarious Dead Ringers which airs on the ABC in Australia.

It was this ident that really got me interested in the television presentation and design genre, and basically the reason I started this site. I’d never seen such effort put into TV branding before this and the quality of it just blew me away.

This was also the first time I heard a ‘continuity announcer’ talk live over an ident and I think this British broadcasting oddity is something we should import to Australia.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it, and I have many more UK idents to come.

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For those interested BBC One also has regional varients of the idents for use ususlly prior to main news bulletins and regional opt outs from the national service.

The region name is contained in the box below the “ONE” and the continuity announcement is region specific as well.

Isn’t it funny! I live in the UK, and I just saw an ident for Channel 9 Australia that a friend sent to me, and I prefer the Australian system of menu with continuity, then ident rather than the UK talking over ident method! Strange…. Maybe we should swap eh?

Those are the worst Idents (Dancers series) BBC ONE have ever produced, lots of people hate them, lol!

I do prefer the Australian system of the announcer speaking over a menu, we used to do that. 🙁

If you go down about halfwayon this page: you’ll see most of the “latest” BBC1 idents. They may look alright now but play them 5 times over, you’ll soon be bored. We have to stand this before every single programme! The Pop Video ident is so awful there have been times were it has actually made me feel sick! I was never a fan of the globe but anything is better than this!

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