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The BBC2 idents are just amazing, the animation is seamless, and I love how in this one the ‘2’ actually interacts with the logo on the screen. Many more BBC2’s to come.

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It’s funny that you should find our idents superior to the ones used in Australia, as myself and another member of the Mocks Factory website were only discussing the other day that Australian idents were so much better than ours – we both especailly like the Channel 9 ident.

I agree that the BBC2, Ch4 and Ch5 idents are excellent work but BBC1 and ITV 1 (Ch3) idents are appalling and most people hate them. ITV 1 is especially unpopular as over the years the channel has had some fantastic idents, but that all sadly came to an end when the new generic ident was introduced in 2002 and the regional stations had thier identities and names covered up.

But what is wrong with the BBCONE idents?

I LOVE them. THey are fantastic, lively, interesting and fun.

Much better than any of our idents.

BBC ONE used the rotating globe in various forms for around 40 years and that is how most British people over the age of about 8 identify with BBC ONE.

They were always silent with just an announcers voice over and had a certain majesty and calmness about them that said everything about BBC ONE and people liked that- we do after all refer to it as Auntie Beeb!

Believe it or not, most people if you talk to them would like to see the globe back.

While the BBC2 idents are definitely very slick, I’ve never liked them much because the ones that came before were so much more varied and exciting. I agree with Martin about the globe, although turning the clock back too many years on BBC1 would make them look old-fashioned in this age of polished live action idents. The last incarnation of BBC1’s globe was a balloon drifting over various landscapes – I would definitely love to see those again. Having said that though, some of BBC1’s ‘dancing’ idents, and plenty of the new circle ones are very impressive.

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