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iPodpalooza 2.0: Who wants my iPod nano?


A few weeks ago I was a runnner up in the BBC’s reboot competition to redesign their home page. My prize was an iPod nano which I recieved from White City last week. But I’m happy with my shuffle, and since I recently celebrated my new found employment by buying my friends 30gb iPods, I thought one of you might like it. Not to devalue the prize the BBC gave me, its frieken awesome, I just thought someone would probably get better use out of it then me.

So, if a brand new 4gb iPod nano sounds good, leave a comment on this post and I’ll randomly pick someone on **Tuesday the 15th**.

One comment per person, and make sure you use a real email address. Anyone in the world can enter, and just realise your comment may need moderation before it appears.

Update: Lilian from Sydney won! Thanks to everyone who entered and should I find anything else cool to give away you’ll all be the first to know.

They canned Letterman for this?


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As commercial network television continue to try to make money from its programming as well as ads The Chaser’s War on Everything takes a timely and hilarious look at the crap being aired on television after midnight.

Channel Ten’s Uplate Game Show, Nine’s Quizmania, and Seven’s Midnight Zoo are torn apart, and the ABC’s Einstein Factor gets in on the fun with some beautiful parody.

And, enjoy the Chaser’s War in its entirety through its podcast.

Tonight’s Chaser: Chris Taylor on ABC Canberra

Chris talking to Ross Solly on ABC Canberra local radio about Tuckey slapping, Mischa Barton and the census. Watch the Chaser tonight at 10pm on ABC or podcast it.

(Update: The above player is “chipmunking” for some reason, just use the download link below to listen).

> MP3 Download (7m22s / 5mb) Recorded from ABC 666 Canberra at 7:18am.

Melanie Bellamy with the standing news


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I’ve had this sitting on my desktop for a few weeks, its from Broken News, the BBC comedy currently airing Monday’s on SBS. It’s funny, as is the whole show, but I feel Jeremy Clarkson got it best with his commentary on modern news.

On the ground in Beirut. Seven News.


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Seven/Prime’s recent promo for the nightly news using some footage of Chris Reason “on the ground in Beirut.”

The muppets are coming to the White House.


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Planet Earth, In Search of Mozart, The West Wing, Wire in the Blood and Parkinson. It’s ABC’s big week.

This week in current affairs shows: Part 15


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This weeks lesson: ethnics

if you cant speak or anderstand english and wont leann do not entre

Catch the whole show from the Chaser’s website or through their iTunes link, but as always here is my favourite segment.

Has a multi-camera show ever gone single-camera?

Update: In answer to my question; Sports Night is the closest thing I’ve found to a multi camera show that became a single camera show.


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I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother lately, and for some of its lameness, it is kind of a cool show. But where does the lameness come from? It’s the four cameras filming it, and the studio audience watching and laughing at it.

Which got me thinking, why has a traditional multi camera sitcom, like How I Met Your Mother, never built a “fourth wall”, lost the studio audience and just matured into a single camera sitcom.

I know Scrubs did an episode that parodied the traditional sitcom by filming part of the show in front a studio audience, I would just love to see it done the other way round, I think it would be a fascinating evolution for a show to change that dramatically, and a chance for a show like How I Met Your Mother to grow a little, and give the writers and directors a chance to expore different aspects of the story.

Now on ABC1, ABC2 and jtv.


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Ok, so maybe its a bit much to suggest jtv is being groomed for its own digital television station, but it would be cool, and like these BBC and Channel 4 signposts show there is an exciting world of multichanneling to be had, once people start buying set top boxes, and decent content arrives.

First Tuesday Book Club, narrated by Andrew Hansen.


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The ABC have a short, but very cool tradition of using interesting people to narrate things, first it was Robbie Buck on Mondo Thingo (excellent show), and now its Andrew Hansen from the Chaser providing the voice over for the ABC’s new outlet for Jennifer Byrne; The First Tuesday Book Club.

Maybe its just my age, but I’d love to see a kind of “First Tuesday Television Club”, not to devalue books, but it hasn’t been since Critical Mass that we had a show were television got the same kind of critical and serious analysis that books, art and films get.