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This week in current affairs shows: Part 15

This weeks lesson: ethinics (35.2mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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This weeks lesson: ethnics

if you cant speak or anderstand english and wont leann do not entre

Catch the whole show from the Chaser’s website or through their iTunes link, but as always here is my favourite segment.

4 replies on “This week in current affairs shows: Part 15”

It wasn’t the best episode seen but this segement still is funny!

I just loved the “Austrilan test” and the spelling mistakes shown. Its goes to show that the ITV-eque companies are in no postion to talk.

chaser has gone down hill rapidly
the last two episodes were duds.
some segments eg (what have we learned from current affairs this week ) are always good but even the last ad road test was just not on.
i hope the last 2 episodes pull up their socks.

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