ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

They canned Letterman for this?

Chaser takes aim at uplate game shows (32.3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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As commercial network television continue to try to make money from its programming as well as ads The Chaser’s War on Everything takes a timely and hilarious look at the crap being aired on television after midnight.

Channel Ten’s Uplate Game Show, Nine’s Quizmania, and Seven’s Midnight Zoo are torn apart, and the ABC’s Einstein Factor gets in on the fun with some beautiful parody.

And, enjoy the Chaser’s War in its entirety through its podcast.

12 replies on “They canned Letterman for this?”

The chaser got better this time, no current affars this time round but this segement was the cream of the laughs.

Its funny, these things are basically illegal lotteries and they are also being shown in the UK, so why isn’t Ofcom and ACMA dealing with it?

They say 24 minutes is the world’s longest but according to BBC Radio 4 a quiz channel went for over 2 hours before taking a caller! I think it was Big Game TV. Thankfully which ever channel it was has now been taken off the air.

That’s quality- Nine’s Quizmania looks identical to ITV’s trashy version- in the UK we have whole channels devoted to this kind of crap on digital. One of them i’ve seen has a dancing dog on the screen-and i don’t mean an DOG logo or anything-an actual dancing dog that barks everytime a caller gets the wrong answer!

Close, Dynamo_ace – Same parent, different sibling.

Crackerjack, also owned by Fremantle Media and “exclusively represent[ing] the entire TalkbackTHAMES catalogue of Comedy and Factual programming”, runs Quizmania in Oz.

Endemol Southern Star run Ten’s Up Late Game Show, and I don’t know who runs Seven’s Midnight Zoo, as it doesn’t screen here in Adelaide – yet…

Finally a reason to come to Perth. We only have the Up Late Game Show, and we still get Letterman.

You might want to announce to anyone who downloaded the WMV versions of either jtv Episode 3 or The Chaser’s War On Everything Episode 24, and found they had very awful quality audio, that those episodes have been re-encoded with better quality audio and are ready for re-downloading!

You should check out Channel 6 in Ireland – It’s our only channel with an interactive quiz show. Luckily for us, Channel 6 is only available on ONE cable provider’s platform, so only a few hundred people can see it anyway. They MUST have beaten BGTV – 2 hours sounds like nothing!

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