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Melanie Bellamy with the standing news

News parody from Broken News (3.8mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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I’ve had this sitting on my desktop for a few weeks, its from Broken News, the BBC comedy currently airing Monday’s on SBS. It’s funny, as is the whole show, but I feel Jeremy Clarkson got it best with his commentary on modern news.

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A fantastic parody of ITV News.

Katie Tate and Richard Pritchard
Still to come
coming up next
stay with us
all the news so far
don’t go away

stay with us…

perhaps you can help us out – there was a segment on broken news about three weeks ago that had us crying for hours. yes we were drunk, but still.

it was on the “missing island” episode; aparody of a hip young movie reviewer, and he used a line “…with such organ shattering furoisty that my liquified kidneys came out my nose”. unfortunatly i wasn’t at home to grab it on my iq box; if you have a copy of that segment/ep i’d be a very happy melbourne chappy.

Haven’t seen that parody program before… not bad 😛

One British show on the ABC, ‘Dead Ringers’ – is fun when I’ve seen it – they have some great parodies of British television and life in general. 🙂

I am yet to see a full episode of ‘Top Gear’ – thought what I have seen is very funny. Thanks for those clips.


“We are often lobbied on this program to show green cars. Well, here is a green car.” Shows excessively smart sporty car, coloured green.

“It’s true that the XX only has backseat room for two passengers, but it does cater for people with heads.”


I saw the BOlivian crisis episode and was in stitches! It is so spot on as to waht british news is like! I loved it and have ordered it from since it is not available here.

I loved this show! I fist saw it on Sunday night, yep it was the final episode. Hopefully it will pop up between Newsnight and The Learning Zone on BBC Two in the not too distant future.


So if you are thinking about going out into the outside today, might be worth taking a car with you just in case.

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