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iPodpalooza 2.0: Who wants my iPod nano?


A few weeks ago I was a runnner up in the BBC’s reboot competition to redesign their home page. My prize was an iPod nano which I recieved from White City last week. But I’m happy with my shuffle, and since I recently celebrated my new found employment by buying my friends 30gb iPods, I thought one of you might like it. Not to devalue the prize the BBC gave me, its frieken awesome, I just thought someone would probably get better use out of it then me.

So, if a brand new 4gb iPod nano sounds good, leave a comment on this post and I’ll randomly pick someone on **Tuesday the 15th**.

One comment per person, and make sure you use a real email address. Anyone in the world can enter, and just realise your comment may need moderation before it appears.

Update: Lilian from Sydney won! Thanks to everyone who entered and should I find anything else cool to give away you’ll all be the first to know.

112 replies on “iPodpalooza 2.0: Who wants my iPod nano?”

Have enjoyed coming to your blog for a while now, love all the contents and your great efforts in bringing us stuffs that still worth watching on the tellie. An iPod nano would certainly be unbelievable. Cheers.

I got no chance, but heres my entry anyway…

there once was a boy named brad,
who was incredibly rad,
he wanted the prize,
with a glint in his eyes,
and he wrote a poem,
to just show-em…

Hey John! I’m a really big fan of your site! I check it every 2 minutes and while I would appreciate the IPOD (I can barely remember that that is what they are called, or that you are giving one away – what a generous gesture) I certainly can appreciate that you will give it to someone deserving. Did I mention that I need to listen to music 24/7 or my brain tumor will explode? SO it literally could save my life. BUt, y’oh, whatever works.

Your friends must be SOOOOO lucky!

PLease post this comment in full.

Anyway, I can’t remember anything about the competition, and am certainly not angling for your sympathy.

Thanks john,

your friend,

p.s. is that THE Michael King who left a comment? The man with the nice ties?

How awesome is that! Not just any prize, but an iPod Nano from the BBC! Not to mention the glory of being runner-up, congratulations for your efforts John!

Taking a keen interest in this site, I throughly enjoy keeping up with changes in the industry – and what better way to do it than here!

Dare I say it, being a Mac owner, the addition of an iPod Nano would complement my system nicely… But to the lucky person who finds themselves with a brand-new iPod, congratulations.


I’d love your spare IPOD for my Wife.. she goes walking in the afternoons and has been bugging me for an MP3 player for ages… this would suit her nicely. I can open up my vault of Aussie IDs in return 🙂

Congrats on running up. I’m keen to catch up with all the podcasts I’ve been downloading, while driving to work and home each day. All the best for the random picking!

I stumbled on this site through a link from Wikipedia. You’re really giving away an iPod Nano? Wow! Nice way to create some tasty karma for yourself, especially how it’s so easy these days to flog stuff like this on eBay. Anyways, may the iPod go to a good and caring home!

After an evening of cutting up everyones name, and getting one picked from a jar.. We have a winner!

And the metaphorical dart landed on… Lilian from Sydney!

Thanks to everyone who entered, I wish I had more iPods to give away, but hopefully I’ll find something to give away again soon.