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On the ground in Beirut. Seven News.

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Seven/Prime’s recent promo for the nightly news using some footage of Chris Reason “on the ground in Beirut.”

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I just love it when television networks brag over how they’re putting their journalists in danger… “just… for you”.

Commercial broadcasting at its weirdest.

I love Naomi! She is delightfull and mischeviously witty! I really like this promo and I think Chris Reason and Adrian Brown in Lebanon and Anna Coren in Israel did some absolutely superb coverage for seven, far superior to that on Nine. Kudos Seven

Naomi Robson? Mischievously witty?

Nick, your continual adulation of channel Seven for everything is beginning to verge on the bizarre.

seven news is better hands down they only sent some blond to isreal at least seven cares about is quality of its news compared to nine who cares about what its news looks like. seven should put naomi in the frontline though -t-

sorry i mean….
seven news is better hands down NINE only sent some blond to isreal at least seven cares about is quality of its news compared to nine who cares about what its news looks like. seven should put naomi in the frontline though -t-


I was being ironic.

Obviously that went over most people’s heads.

Here are the facts:

Seven News is c**p.

Nine News is c**p.


Couldnt agree more with Andy…ABC News is amazing, i am honostly heartbroken to see the abc slowing being destroyed through funding cuts 🙁

Believe it or not, BBC World is also doing a similar style (although, I don’t think the reporters are running away even though at least one has run away from a bomb on one report (wouldn’t be the best situation).

Not sure what CNN international are doing though as I haven’t had much time to watch Pay TV lately (back studying my Media Production course).

Ironicly, funding cuts is whats happening to the BBC, and to paraphase C3-PO

“The possibltiy of BBC staff striking because of the director-general’s radical plans is 10-1”

Sure the ABC is good, not as good as it was, but I just love the arrogance of people who completely write of commercial news, sure they may not cover as greater bredth of stories but what they do cover they do well becasue they have greater resources. Ten is the weakest, followed by Nine, I really think 7News is the best. Their chief political reporter, Mark Riley, was recently awarded a prestigious Canberra press club award, the first time it has been given to a non-print journalist. His coverage, olong with that of Geoff Parry and Gemma Haines is the Canberra buraeu is just great. And their Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami, Lebanon coverage is also superb. Also Naomi knows she isn’t a hard hitting Journalist, you can tell with her subtle humour and mischevious glimmer in her eye but the show does serve a purpose and serves it well as well as lifting its standards in the last year, ACA is still utter trash.

I dont think anyone is writting off the commerical station’s news as such…just the ABC have a way of airing stories that are not in the commerical stations interest to air. Agreed, channel 7 do produce the highest quality news of the commericals!

7, 9, 10, TT and ACA have a narrow focus, focusing only on what is in people’s back yard.

The Chasers revealed recently that TT’s analysis on the budget extended only to petrol prices. Hardly informative or important.

And I disagree – TT serves NO purpose, except to provde us all with nausea that people could participate in such a show – either as guests, or as staff!

RE: CNN Interational, it’s been doing quite a good job actually-it’s slowly moving away from just people on the phone-onair look of the channel is fresh too

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