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First Tuesday Book Club, narrated by Andrew Hansen.

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The ABC have a short, but very cool tradition of using interesting people to narrate things, first it was Robbie Buck on Mondo Thingo (excellent show), and now its Andrew Hansen from the Chaser providing the voice over for the ABC’s new outlet for Jennifer Byrne; The First Tuesday Book Club.

Maybe its just my age, but I’d love to see a kind of “First Tuesday Television Club”, not to devalue books, but it hasn’t been since Critical Mass that we had a show were television got the same kind of critical and serious analysis that books, art and films get.

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It’s also been a while since the un-serious TVTV, with Simon Townsend, a decade or so ago.

The Boxcutters podcast, at, is a nice alternative…

The opening titles look like another Animal Logic masterpiece, akin to the opening titles of At The Movies and Spicks and Specks.


Actually Stu, those titles were designed by Zspace in Ultimo, NOT Animal Logic. And while we certainly recognise the quality of AL’s work on those shows, let us not forget there are other brilliantly creative and talented teams out there. We here in Ultimo welcome the chance to discuss our work preferably over martinis – anyone?

You’ve hit upon an interesting idea with the television club!

If you’re really eager to put forward an idea for an ABC television program (or any type of program, for that matter), remember that there are ways of getting heard. For one, you can ring the ABC Switchboard on 13 99 94 (a local call from anywhere in Australia). All comments are logged and regularly presented to decision-makers in the organisation.

You can also write to the ABC Advisory Council, a 12-member community body that advises the ABC Board on programming matters. As a current member, I know that we are always very eager to receive feedback from the broader community, and try to funnel it back to the Board and relevant staff. Positions on the Council are advertised late each year, so there is also the capacity for anyone to become a member themselves!

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