S4/C (Welsh) Videos: Idents

The new S4/C idents, that react to voice.

The new “audio reactive” idents from S4C (8.1mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

s4cCrane - Twango

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s4cLights - Twango

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s4cMuseum - Twango

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Proud Creative, working for Welsh broadcaster S4/C have created some of the most stunning videos I’ve posted on this site. I was immediately impressed by the “invisible patriotism” of the Welsh people that they captured in their earlier idents for them, and everyone was mesmerised by the infinite loop that filled S4/C’s on-air down time.

Now though it’s time for something new from Proud and S4/C, something technically very tricky and something thats a world first. Basically they have shot some new idents on film, but with some computer wizardry from Minivegas and some custom designed audio reactive software they are able to create “realtime rendering of live action elements”. Which means the continuity announcers voice actually effects what is on screen, similar to what BBC Four used to do, but on a whole new level.

Watch the videos above in order for the best experience, as they give an explanation as to what is going on, and start thinking about the endless possibilities S4/C have to expand this series.

– Thanks to Dan and Roger from Proud for the videos.

12 replies on “The new S4/C idents, that react to voice.”

thats awesome. i love it. i cant help but wonder whether its completely pointless from a broadcasting perspective & probably incredibly expensive… but frankly who cares… its awesome and i wish eveyrone did it just like this:)

this is great to finally see [for the first time!]. onedotzero industries consulted on this work with proud and was involved in the original joint pitch. we brought minivegas into the job for exactly what they would bring to it – innovation, flair and new ideas to broadcast design.

The first one isn’t half as good as the other two, but they’re so damn clever! I love the cheesy test announcements they’ve used for them. Can’t say I remember an announcer telling me to actually enjoy a programme! 😀

I think that those idents are incredibly clever. We always talk about the Channel 4 idents or BBC1 because they are national. But these are quite simply superb.

The other 7 of these idents are available at http//, click on work, then live action, then s4c and scroll through the new ones!

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