UK: BBC Four x 4 (+1)

I love these BBC Four idents, they’re everything idents should be, visually engaging and a little pretentious. I knew what to expect when I switched on BBC Four (well as much as this sketch from Dead Ringers could have taught me).

My favourite of these is probably “Brit Pop”.


> “This is BBC Four” RealPlayer Stream (232kb)


> “Personal Traumas” RealPlayer Stream (540kb)


> “Brit Pop” RealPlayer Stream (1.1mb)


> “The Man Who Deciphered Linear B” RealPlayer Stream (1mb)

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  • These Idents are special, because the graphics interact/move when the every time the continuity annoncer speaks, I like BBC Four, very intelligent channel.


    Thanks Jon – BBCFOUR idents are my favourite idents of all – and there are almost none on the web. In fact I think that your post here doubles the number available!

    THey are so graceful and elegant – very fitting for this channel I gather.

    THankyou so much!!!

    Andy OZ (to differentiate myself from the other Andy!)

  • Guess what?

    The BBC have just announced that they are scrapping the BBC FOUR idents!!!

    They are replacing them with images from nature etc

    Far less interesting, imo.

    Oh well – we have these streams!

  • Apparantly they will be a little more than just images, but will be a series of optical illusions, so have the possibility of being quite interesting.

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