ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

The Chaser on the machinations of Today Tonight.

The Chaser on their encounter with Today Tonight (44.3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

Update: Check out the Chaser’s lastest run in with Today Tonight here.

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This weeks lesson: Stories about The Chaser

Today Tonight had their say earlier this evening about their encounter with The Chaser. Now, of course, its The Chaser’s turn with the latest ‘What have we learnt from current affairs this week?’.

They take a look at the humour current affairs show use, Anna’s snide at those “who think their funny” and of course “double crossing” TT reporter James Thomas (who is apparently quite a good guy, just in the wrong job). With the inclusion of a lot more Peter Meakin references than made it into the Today Tonight piece.

If you missed tonights show, its repeated on ABC2 a few times, or you can just download it here.

5 replies on “The Chaser on the machinations of Today Tonight.”

TT! What a bunch of jokers. There entire show is about selling adds between the breaks. Even on topics that could be considered serious, it is imposable to hold any credit to their content on account of mockery they introduce in to they screen play.

When a program comes along that becomes, without trying, the highest rating TV show; the Genius team at TT decide to; at first jump on the bandwagon, and when that fails, hijack it! Come on TT where’s you dignity.

Time and time again they show you up for who you are. Accept that you are just “advertisement” stuffier and the real entertainment to the professionals.

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