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The end of Alan Jones (on Today).

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Alan Jones delivered his final editorial on the Today Show last Friday. I’m surprised he lasted this long, but I’m also surprised about a lot of things that happen at Nine.

Bask in his final words in the video above. Unfortunately he’s not going away for good though, with new videos starting soon on 2GB’s website. I really have no time for Alan Jones, but he’s always fun to laugh at. (Thanks for the video Naomi).

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The new owners, CVC had had it with him. The Sunday Herald Sun in melb today had a huge spread on the unbelievable costs at 9. The huge saleries and huge staff levels. Also I was reading somewhere that WIN’s affilate negotiations with 9 are stalling. They pay a lot for 9’s feed than Prime and Southern Cross pay 7 and 10. WIN said they’d just go black if 9 would agree and that’d cause huge outrage.

Nine is killing itself – why don’t they spend a few $$$ anf improve their ratings for the future?

@Nick: a number of News Limited papers have been going ape over Nine’s current situation, it seems to be their obsession at the moment. And although there are signs that talks might breakdown with WIN, I probably wouldn’t give them too much credibility given what it would mean for the two networks.

As for Alan Jones, well I think he speaks for himself…

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