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The new launches.


The folks behind ABC Online have been busy. A new ABC News site is due to go live any day now, and as of this morning there is a new ABC television portal.

With an emphasis on video (in user friendly full screen flash), and more full episode downloads including The Einstein Factor and The New Inventors, the ABC is taking some positive steps towards the promise of TV 2.0. The site encourages you to watch previews of upcoming shows and participate in a newly opened forum.

Check it all out for yourself right here.

5 replies on “The new launches.”

It’s very nice, here in the UK, ITV was meant to get a new look website looking []
It either would have a black or white background, and would launch on 1 May, but it hasnt. Then they changed it to [,,2069688,00.html]. And now looks horrible and was to launch on 13 June, but it didnt the only thing changed was the soups []

At this point, I just wish ABC TV would hurry up and start vodcasting the Insiders. There’s a podcast, but when I want to get my hate on for Andrew Bolt, I want to do it visually.

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