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The Chaser “often funny” says Today Tonight.

Today Tonight go after The Chaser (6.3mb) >> To comment and see what the story is all about visit

Update: Check out the Chaser’s lastest run in with Today Tonight here.

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Update: Watch the Today Tonight story in full here.

Update 2: Watch the The Chaser story in full here.

First it was A Current Affair with their puff piece about The Chaser’s War on Everything. Now, it looks like Today Tonight are about to get nasty. The video is a teaser for tomorrow nights story exposing what Anna Coren calls The Chaser’s “fake street cred”.

Today Tonight asked The Chaser if they could shoot a story by coming along with them for a stunt. However, when everything didn’t go how the TT reporter James Thomas hoped for, it would appear they’ve decided to take this angle for the story.

I will post the story in full here after it airs tomorrow night, along with what The Chaser have to say about it on their show too.

31 replies on “The Chaser “often funny” says Today Tonight.”

Ooh anna’s voice is searing with haaate. I wonder what she was mouthing in the last second as the show closed. FUN.

The strange thing is, everyone knows The Chaser is an entertainment show. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t really matter if something is a stune or not, as long as it’s entertaining. And it certainly is that.

Just got back from the taping of tomorrow night’s episode – James Thomas and a TT crew were waiting outside the ABC studios in Ultimo hoping to get a slice of the action.

The punters who got interviewed by TT gave nothing but mentions of Peter Meakin in their responses.

Wonder how the TT gang are going to spin this.

I think it is hilarious, tit for tat. I think it is a bit disappointing some stuff is staged. It is an entertainment show but the whole point is that they are trouble makers. I hate Anna. Bring back Naomi!

I thought TT’s viewer base was a little different to Chasers? How do TT audience know about the War? Surely if they do, then why do they keep watching TT? Strange world.

Do you hear what she’s saying in the last few seconds. I reakon it’s:

“Bring it on boys”

I don’t think they are doiing this because they want to be fair about the Chaser….

They’re doing it for Ratings…Ratings…and Ratings…..

Yay! this ought to be funny ;]

Notice how she Anna (aka. crack whore) says “often set up” but then the chaser sats “we actually do do set ups every NOW and THEN” notice a slight change?

Today Tonight just cant take the fact that its a crap show and that the chasers exposes it as a sham. Go ACA! Go Nine!!

I just saw the TT spin on that chaser stunt…hahahhahaha what do you reckon chaser do a ‘what did we learn from current affairs this week?” segment on that exceptional piece of journalistic shite?
I wonder if TT realise that anybody more intelligent than a squirrel finds watching TT almost as entertaining as watching chaser itself?

And here I was assuming that any discerning Chaser viewer could tell whether or not certain stunts were set up. If Today Tonight wanted to get their own back, they’d do stories that actually matter.

As the Chasers did say, “We only pick on targets that deserve it”

If that was the best TT could muster, they deserve everything the Chaser throws at them.

Oh. TOO funny!
I really enjoyed TT’s little rawr at the Chaser. It was really, quite amusing!
I’ve watched TT on occasion, when nothing’s on. I laugh SO hard during each segment. Even in their ‘serious’ segments. There’s no way these TT guys can really be taken seriously. I just had to watch tonight’s TT though, to see what they had to say about the Chaser. You know, what really was it all about? It seemed… Pointless. Very. Very. Very pointless.
Hehe. Oooh I’ve had my laugh. Now off to watch the Chaser. xD

hahaha ohh that was great. It was so obvious TT is just having a cry cos the big mean chaser has hurt their feelings.
Ohhhhhhh poor TT, you want a cuddle?

Go chaser..haha u pawned them TT retards i hope ur reading this forum Anna…oh btw drop dead…lolz

Chaser went easy on TT for their “puff piece” don’t u reckon?

The reason why TT are attacking the chaser is because the success of the show is hurting the ratings of Channel 7’s time-slot competitor Heroes.

Too bad the Chaser can’t respond until the next episode — yeah, I know, they had that Peter Meacan booze bus, but I really want to see them respond to TT’s scoop “Not all of the chaser is real!!1!”.

The Chasers’ response last night was classic – a warning at the start saying some of the following stunts are set up, illicit ‘real’ footage as well as blinky signs saying ‘FAKE’ hehe

If you can, catch it on Friday – then it’s reruns til September I’m afraid…

Jhon you said the following: “Today Tonight just cant take the fact that its a crap show and that the chasers exposes it as a sham. GO ACA, CO NINE!”
personaly though I think there both equaly as “crap”, special reports on dodgy refrigerator repair men, the pain free botox procedure… why can’t they report real news for once. even the chasers are more trust worthy for news..

Lovely…Today Tonight is digestible this week. Anna Coren is on holidays so Samantha Armytage is filling in. The teleprompter is FAR less stupid which makes me think Anna must write it…And for Christ’s sake people…WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING SHARK ON SEVEN AT 9.30MONDAYS. IT IS BRILLIANT COURT ROOM AFFAIR. STANDOFF TOO, TUESDAYS 10.30 ALSO ON SEVEN IS SHARPLY WRITTEN, PACEY AND WELL ACTED. DAMN YOU PEOPLE!

The TT reporter was absolutely pathetic.. if thats the best journalism they can muster, well then they’ve just proven their worth. That is to say, pathetic worthless journalism… As someone said above, what was the point of their whole story. What in-depth piece of earth shattering information have they unearthed in that report. Zip!

As Jana Wendt said the other day, current affiars use to have a purpose in the old days, taking a serious issue or story from the news, which only had 30secs to a minute air-time, and investigating further. Its a pity so much as changed.

Good on you Chasers for keeping the bastards honest. As for the TT reporter, you appropriately belong there. Better luck next time 🙂

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