The irony is lost on A Current Affair.

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A Current Affair’s lead story tonight was about the success of The Chaser’s War on Everything, it kind of felt like your grandfather explaining YouTube to you, and expecting you to be impressed.

It was a nothing piece that alluded to the show being offered money to switch to a commercial network. I’m all for it getting more publicity, but I think it can do without the ACA crowd.

13 Responses to “The irony is lost on A Current Affair.”

  • sweet jesus, that has to be one of the most patronisingbits of television i’ve ever seen. no wonder 9 are on the way out

  • and tracey grimshaw could probably do with a personality transfusion.

  • Well that’s a first lol – At least the Chaser guys declined for a interview. :p

  • ACA are so…i just can’t even find the words. I did like that they only chose clips where the chaser guys were attackin tt, no mention of them! I get the feeling 9 may be after the chaser guys

  • How was it patronising? It used an armload of the Chaser’s funniest work, it spread the word about a very talented bunch of comedians, it told the truth about industry bidding to get the show, it took the piss out of 9 with the Ray Martin sketch and it didn’t bag TT once.
    Seriously, what’s the problem?

  • The whole thing was baggin tt! With jihad jack etc. And it was very patronising, oh good on you boys, you must think you’re very funny but you’re in a different league to us. It is so clear 9 is leading the charge to poach them from the ABC. Otherwise why would they devote so much time winning favours with them, or at least attempting to, and introducing them and their show to the 9 audience? 9 isn’t gunna devote the first story on their flagship current affairs programme to a show on another network without hoping to get something out of it in return.

  • I think the commercials would only want them in order to axe them.

  • thank god i dont watch ACA anymore

  • Surprising how they didn’t mention the YouTube thing.

    Probably the reason they bag Seven more than Nine, is that Seven’s Martin Place, Sydney HQ is very much in the public, unlike Nine’s Willoughby HQ which (I think) has security out the front.

    And how’s Jack Thomas linked to TT?

  • they aren’t neccesarily, it just that in that package they had the chaser guy going at jihad jack about tt hounding him. I think jack may have been on tt, i know he did an exclusive with 7news melbourne when he returned home.

  • Oh no! I don’t Like Channel 9!!!

    Chaser’s War should stay on The ABC!

  • did any one watch chasers last night…HILARIOUS…Completely took the piss out of the entire story!!

  • Regardless of how bad ACA is, the open graphics were pretty impressive, IMO.

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