S4/C (Welsh) Videos: Idents

S4/C’s Infinite Loop.

The station break loop for S4C (18mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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What do you get when there’s a break in the schedule of television early in the morning? Infomercials? Test patterns?.. Not if you live in Wales. This loop, created for S4/C by Proud fills those gaps with a serene and mesmerising flow of five lines.

Its the kind of thing you’d expect to see projected on the wall in a big dark room at Georges Pompidou, not on early morning television in Wales. In fact, if it wasn’t on TV, we’d probably all call it art.. which it is, just like S4/C’s stunning idents collection.

8 replies on “S4/C’s Infinite Loop.”

It’s a nice idea to make an ident filler in case of mistakes :3
I have already seen this one on youtube (thank you for sharing with us a much better quality one of this one)…when I first saw it, I thought it was a fan teaser…I still love it anyways :3

It’s quite mesmerising – I love the music and general unusualness of it (I’d watch it over Quizmania any day).

I’m surprised S4C hasn’t released this as a screensaver – I can’t stop watching it!

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