Nine Network Videos: Openings

Mature audiences


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Along with the refreshed Nine network came these new warnings. I’m still looking for something R rated to record, will upload soon I hope. But as it turns out we don’t air R rated programs on Australian TV, that probably explains my difficulty in finding an R rated warning (thanks Brendan).

Ten Network Videos: Promos

The SVU’s


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Just some of the new promos for SVU, the footage not in 16:9 must have been supplied by the studio as promotional material, but I really like it, and the music on the first video is nice and dramatic. The second video is for a specific episode, the simple black and white graphics at the end are really good though I think.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

Hey yeah, something to say.


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Al Harding, the composer and singer of “Light My Way”, the song that accompanies the latest ABC promos has left a comment on this blog, its been left in the original post about the song, and I thought I’d share it with you here. He writes;

Hey Guys,

I have just read your collective kind remarks re my song
‘Light my way”. I can’t believe how much interest it has created. I wish all my clients were as happy, as I spend most of my time composing Film and TV music that goes pretty much un-noticed, or at least un-appreciated !
You have rekindled my enthusiasm to write more songs, so
thanks to you all, particulary for being so passioniate about music !

Al Harding’s website can be found here, and as for those of us who’d like a copy of the song, he says;

“I’m not sure how I will go with providing copies for those interested, as it was commissioned especially for the ABC, but I’m working on it…”

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Idents on iTunes


Just thought I’d let everyone know that you can now subscribe to a video podcast of this blog that offers iPod compatible downloads.

For each post on this blog, the same RSS feed updates iTunes with an m4v version of the featured clip. To subscribe click here (it will open iTunes). You can also just search “idents” in the iTunes Music Store.

If a post has multiple video’s, only one of the videos will be available on the podcast. I hope it all works, feel free to email me with any feedback.

(And I’d like to thank Graham for the picture you see to the left, I don’t have one of the new iPods but Graham was nice enough to test the podcast for me on his).

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Updated logo.. video podcasting


Ten Network Videos: Promos

You can shoot your gay adult film at my house


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I’ve been watching The Simpsons for more then 3/4 of my life, longer then i’ve had the internet, and its probably been a bigger influence on me then my parents combined, what more can I say.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

Thanks ABC, and thanks Al Harding.


“Laughter Echoes” – spicks and specks, enough rope, the chaser’s war on everything etc.

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The sleeper hit of 2006 (the ‘Garden State‘ of idents if you will) on this site has got to have been the ABC 2006 promos featuring the specially commissioned song ‘Light my way’ by Al Harding. More people have found this website through Google searching “this is where your world starts spinning”, then any other phrase, it even beat “tv idents”.

I think its a brillant song, I’m wondering if there is a full version or if we’re just hearing as much of the song that was written, either way I’d love to hear an original, unedited rendition, if for no other reason then so I can get over it. My sponteneous melodic break outs of “hey yeah, light my way” still gets very odd looks from people.

I can’t imagine any other network going to trouble of actually commissioning a song to be written, if it was on the commercials we’d probably of just got something from the Pussycat Dolls.

Thanks ABC, and thanks Al Harding, you’ve made it a great start to the year.

Nine Network Videos: Idents

Nine’s Cavalcade of Stars


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Can you pick the local Canberra guy? Its Peter Leonard.