Nine Network Videos: Openings

Mature audiences

Nine’s new M15 warning. (1mb) >> To comment, or to see the MA15+ warning and more Nine videos visit


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Along with the refreshed Nine network came these new warnings. I’m still looking for something R rated to record, will upload soon I hope. But as it turns out we don’t air R rated programs on Australian TV, that probably explains my difficulty in finding an R rated warning (thanks Brendan).

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Interesting that they make it look like the OFLC ratings, even though I don’t the OFLC has anything to do with them.

It will be interesting to see what they use for AV-rated shows (I think Nine’s only shown one since the change-over). They would have to adapt one of the OFLC squares for it seeing there’s no OFLC rating of AV – I wouldn’t be surprised if it uses R’s black colour, but then wouldn’t be surprised if it used MA’s red colour either.

The new MA warning screen reminds me of the opening of Donnie Darko.

I think they look good. Though I’ve only seen the MA one on TV so far, as Curb Your Enthusiasm is the only thing I watch on 9 at the moment.

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