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The SVU’s

Ten’s new SVU promo. (2.8mb) >> To comment and see the other SVU videos from this post visit


> RealPlayer Stream (1.2mb)
> Quicktime Download in H.264 (6.9mb)


> RealPlayer Stream (1.2mb)
> Quicktime Download in H.264 (7.4mb)

Just some of the new promos for SVU, the footage not in 16:9 must have been supplied by the studio as promotional material, but I really like it, and the music on the first video is nice and dramatic. The second video is for a specific episode, the simple black and white graphics at the end are really good though I think.

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I can tell you exactly about the footage! I shot this material in 2004 for NBC on air promos. We used this as the basis for our on-air graphics package. Every show was a location shoot where we tried to capture the “essence and character” of the shows in stylized vignettes. Too bad Hi Def came to the networks a little late in the game because all this and mountains of more richly shot material (we have been using for years) is forever locked in Standard Def. Ironically even though we now shoot and transfer in Hi-Def everything is framed for Standard Def… maybe one day…

P.S. Super website!

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