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Nine’s Cavalcade of Stars

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Can you pick the local Canberra guy? Its Peter Leonard.

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Glad to see nine still making their “Still the One” promos….each year they’re usually VERY Good! This years is a slick production, but lacks the imagination and fun of previous promos.

Have you seen this website, its great for re-visiting classic Aussie Promos:

Are there any other websites like this? I’ve seen Fintons, but it hasnt been updated for years now!

I’m guessing this “Peter Leonard” character of which you speak, is “editied” into the Canberra shoot – can’t recall seeing him in the Melb version [much like we dont get Fatty Vaughton and Co in ours, only Eddie, Sam & Trev!!!]

Its a nice ad full of eye-candy, although I have the feeling it will get annoying after a while, especially the music.

Look I quite like this promo, and it good to see they made some effort to regionalise it, with Peter Leonard (not being from Canberra, i say who?) and in Melbourne they have Peter Hitchener and Livinia Nixon (nine weather and temptation) singing together. Kerri ann and Tracy Grimshaw are a bit much

I’m still not sure why we even still have regional branding for TV in Canberra, it’s not like all of the metro channels are owned by the networks (channel 9 in adelaide for example is own by southern cross). Maybe all the locals in Canberra are to tight to pay to use the names.

I remember SC Ten was just branding it self as ten for a while, but alas that seems to have stopped.

I’m glad to see that they have done something right, with all this rebranding stuff. I’ve always like the ‘Still The One’ promos and this one is no exception. Very classy and fun, and yes I laughed myself silly too when I saw Peter Leonard. How many years has he been doing WIN news, gosh seems like decades. Has anyone noticed that WIN news has tried to copy the graphics on National Nine News, but they look pretty crappy and the news STILL isn’t in widescreen, which pisses me off. Wow I kinda got a bit sidetracked there….hmm yes anyway good promo.

You’ve gotta admit, 9 sure does do the whole ‘Cavalcade of Stars’ thing well. I like this ad, but couldn’t believe the original song was originally a UK Sky jingle imported to Australia! That came as a shock!

Blerrcchhh! This is the most awful, cringe-inducing channel 9 “celebrity” circle jerk since that terrible “weapon of choice” thing seveal years ago. My eyes!

Does anybody remember the old “Still The One” ident that aired say back in 2002? “Still The One” was sung to Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice. It had all the channel 9 personalities in some hotel ore something. I can hardly remember it but would love to see it again. All I can really remember is Fatty and the Footy Show guys coming out of an elevator.

Ahh yes, an interesting twist to the original boogie song. How about they try doing an ad with the ORIGINAL instead of making all these freaky versions of the song? I’d like to see these personalities sing in like Studio 76 or something.

To correct some misconceptions about the origination of the “Still the One” campaign, like so many image campaigns and image campaigns used on Australian television, this one originated with the ABC-TV network in the United States in 1977. “Still the One” was, of course, adopted from the song “Still the One” by Orleans.

ABC-TV in the United States was the last of the major three networks to launch (prior to Fox, WB and UPN) and it suffered plenty for it. ABC’s ratings were perennially dismal from its inception to the late 1970s.

Being an American, I can tell you outside of a handful of shows, most viewers here spent their time flipping between NBC and CBS. In addition to having better shows, ABC News suffered through generations of disrespect for its network newscast, which was considered almost an afterthought until Peter Jennings came around.

However, by 1977, ABC-TV embarked on some new thinking – 30 minute sitcoms like Happy Days and hour long excuses to show women’s breasts on shows like Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and of course Charlie’s Angels. It was all wrapped into a campaign called “Still the One” which was simply brilliant. It evoked an emotional reaction by reminding viewers of past shows that were successful, and, in later campaigns, brought stars together with real viewers to make an emotional connection with them.

In 1979, a new image campaign was created to ring in the 1980s. The campaign was produced by Jam Creative Productions. It was always fun.

Obviously the package/creative concept was syndicated to the UK and the Australian markets soon thereafter.

What is especially remarkable to me is that “Still the One” is still being used in one way or another on Australian television. It’s been almost 30 years since it was first used by ABC in the States, and the campaign was long gone by 1982. American television networks don’t seem to hang on to image campaigns for more than a season or two in any event.

What is also remarkable is that the concept of an image campaign is still relevant in the Commonwealth countries while here in North America (and especially in the States), attention deficit disorder has grown so rampant that networks have basically dispensed with anything resembling them. Instead, show openings are condensed to 15 seconds, end credits are reduced to a tiny portion of the screen (and run at warp speed), and networks spend time only on promoting upcoming shows. The idea of promoting themselves seems to be reduced to ad spreads in publications and on their websites. They aren’t going to give up ad inventory to run two minute image campaigns, that’s for certain.

American television seems to be the trend that others follow, so I would guess down the road a similar style of television might land on your shores as well.

What doesn’t bode well is the increasing “junking up” the screen we cope with here where no network show can run without a prominent ID “bug” at the bottom corner of the screen and, annoyingly, prominently placed “pop-up” promotions for shows which can obliterate a good 15% of the screen and distract the hell out of you. As Americans cope with the 200 channels of programming we receive via cable and satellite, networks will do anything to get your attention.

Does anyone know where to find large screen high quality versions of the 1988, 1998 and 2003/2004 Still The One videos on the net.

try typing in “GTV9” or something similar on you tube – theres LOADS of quality idents and long version STILL THE ONE idents!

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