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Thanks ABC, and thanks Al Harding.

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“Laughter Echoes” – spicks and specks, enough rope, the chaser’s war on everything etc.

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The sleeper hit of 2006 (the ‘Garden State‘ of idents if you will) on this site has got to have been the ABC 2006 promos featuring the specially commissioned song ‘Light my way’ by Al Harding. More people have found this website through Google searching “this is where your world starts spinning”, then any other phrase, it even beat “tv idents”.

I think its a brillant song, I’m wondering if there is a full version or if we’re just hearing as much of the song that was written, either way I’d love to hear an original, unedited rendition, if for no other reason then so I can get over it. My sponteneous melodic break outs of “hey yeah, light my way” still gets very odd looks from people.

I can’t imagine any other network going to trouble of actually commissioning a song to be written, if it was on the commercials we’d probably of just got something from the Pussycat Dolls.

Thanks ABC, and thanks Al Harding, you’ve made it a great start to the year.

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The ABC have started 2006 and the 50th year of televison broadcasting in great style.
Given there well known lack of funding,they continue to deliver not only great programs but fantastic on air idents and presentation.

“garden state of idents” and battle of the JV portals, and throw in some H264, hooked hooked, beam me up scotty. damn next u will have a ali-g-esque podcast with that accountant who they let run abc for a bit.. cant even remember his name, starting with B was it ? russell someone ? eddie for ceo. there is no scape. bb

I must admit to kind of falling asleep when it comes to Aunty. I’m something of a child of the commercial stations but seeing they nabbed West Wing from Nine after they completely a*sed it up, schedule wise, makes me see it in a new light.

These promos make me want to watch the ABC more, very nice indeed.

Mission accomplished Aunty, new viewers on the way.

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