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Hey yeah, something to say.

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Al Harding, the composer and singer of “Light My Way”, the song that accompanies the latest ABC promos has left a comment on this blog, its been left in the original post about the song, and I thought I’d share it with you here. He writes;

Hey Guys,

I have just read your collective kind remarks re my song
‘Light my way”. I can’t believe how much interest it has created. I wish all my clients were as happy, as I spend most of my time composing Film and TV music that goes pretty much un-noticed, or at least un-appreciated !
You have rekindled my enthusiasm to write more songs, so
thanks to you all, particulary for being so passioniate about music !

Al Harding’s website can be found here, and as for those of us who’d like a copy of the song, he says;

“I’m not sure how I will go with providing copies for those interested, as it was commissioned especially for the ABC, but I’m working on it…”

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Just been visiting Al’s site… it’s nice to be able to put a name to some of the more… classy and catchy adverts. Who knew he was behind the Cadbury Favourites jingle?

Kick ass site too.

I’m sure that once the ABC gets enough requests for the song it’ll be seen “In an ABC Shop near you.”

Then they truly will be “Gifts So Good, You Won’t Want To Give Them Away”. A great website, too – he did the ‘Virgin Blue/You – Tom Andrews’ ad, as well. Isn’t it interesting how you can enjoy so many things and find out that they’re all by the same person. 😀

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