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ABC3, e7, TenTwo and bSBS; Just some of the reasons people will eventually switch to digital.

Digit Al spruiks digital tv in the UK (2.6mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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SBS has animated the benefits of it, the ABC gave it a shot too, and Penelope Keith has hawked it to the British public, but I think the Digit Al series (part one here) featuring the voice of Matt Lucas has been the best concieved of the ideas in trying to get people to switch to digital television.

But even the best concieved of ideas isn’t going to get people converting if there isn’t anything to watch, sadly thats a problem that Australia and not the UK has to face.

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The problem of notihng to watch could change next year. The ABC is gearing up to start showing programs from its archives – like old ABC Dramas and comedies on ABC2, if the Government goes ahead with its remoal of genre restrictions.
We can only hope…

Digit-Al must be given some high pay to spruik in such a convincing manner.

Must… get… myself… digital…

It’s funny how people are asking you to switchover whilst we Canadians just recieved our first HDTV newscast LAST WEEK. Oh, it’ll take a while before Digit-Al pays a visit to the land of the maple leaf.

@Andy OZ
They can also use ABC HD as a sort of ABC 3 with the new laws removing the tri-cast requirement (HD doesn’t have to be the same programming as SD/Analogue) ABC can also upconvert, which means I think this will be a reality.

But don’t forget – next year the ABC (along with the 4 other channels) will automatically get another channel. So they can make that ABC3, and then, if need be, implement your suggestion of using the HD channel for even more content!

Sure, Gemma.

Senator Coonan announced that there would be a three step process to help increase digital takeup.

–> Step one is the removal of the content restrictions on the ABC and SBS digital channels.

–> Step two is the creation of some new digital only channels which new media companies can bid for, as well as two mobile phone channels that anyone can bid for (even the existing channels)

–> Step three is that from January, each of the five networks will get enough bandwidth to broadcast a second channel (or in the ABC and SBS’s case a third channel) which will be able to broadcast in HD.

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