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Four to the Floor: Trafalgar Square

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This new Channel 4 ident doesn’t quite follow the same formula as most of the others in the series, but makes creative use of the “4”.

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3 replies on “Four to the Floor: Trafalgar Square”

Hello, thanks for putting these up, I love the c4 idents, 4creative have done such a wonderful job of bringing back the ‘exploding 4’ when the channel launched, but with a contemporary twist.

Some of these are just jaw dropping.

For those of you that don’t live in London, I’d like to fill you in a bit on this one.

It’s set in Trafalgar Square. You can just see the back of Nelson’s Column there. There are four plinths at each corner of trafalgar square and three of them have statues of very important british historical figures (probably military). There has always been one plinth that has had nothing on it.

It’s know as ‘the fourth plinth’.

Recently Mayor Ken Livingstone introduced a plan to humanely reduce the amount of pigeons in Trafalgar Square (there are almost none now) and he also turned the square back into a piaza.

So, artists and sculptors were invited to submit art for ‘the fourth plinth’ and every so often a new statue is put up there. Clearly 4 though their logo could help reduce the pigeons. I like the humour in that.

Thanks again for the high quality clips.


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