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One last dance for BBC One.

BBC One farewells their old idents. (15.9mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The night before BBC One switched over to the new idents they played this montage of the “symbols which have defined BBC One for the last four and half years”. It features 14 of the idents from the Rhythm and Movement series.

I can’t imagine any network in Australia ever farewelling an on screen package like this, but it was very well done.

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i’m sad…the dancers; even though that ident lost part of the old BBC identity through out the years…i’ll miss them…I feel sad that ever since the globe and the clock desapeared, the BBC one missed an important part of their identity being the first tv channel in history (i think?)

Well this is funny… I was actually watching the Welsh feed at the time (it was like 1am!) and they appeared to show their own montage of clips of the dancers while the music from the crowd/concert ident was played followed by the music from the skateboard ident. Also the last ident was the roof dancers one in Wales. They played a part that I’ve never seen before, and I’ve seen long versions of that ident!

Also I don’t think that part of the ballet ident has ever been played, partially because it was only ever shown before the funeral of someone or after a terrorist attack.

I’ve seen the new idents, and I think they’re hypnotic, some mesmerizing, but often too long. I like the music, though.

And, yes, I’ll miss these snappy ones before the news.

Sorry Melissa! No tape, in fact I woke up at 1am and suddenly remembered the close-down at 1:15! Anyway, I wouldn’t have a clue how to upload it!

Annoying these idents were, this montage kinda makes me sorry to see them go…

BTW, I want the music from the last one played at my funeral.

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