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Kath and Kim on BBC Two.

BBC Two promo for Kath and Kim, heading to a UK television set near you soon. (1.6mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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> Quicktime H.264
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Its always exciting to see an Australian show on primetime in a different country (how often does it even happen outside of oceania?), and these Kath and Kim promos running on BBC Two at the moment are very cool.

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I don’ know how I got to this website (wikipedia to be honest) but I’vw now spend about 2 hours on your website! Two whole hours!!!!!

I’m obsessed with logos and all that for ages and Aussie ones are my new obsession so it’s so greatful to you for this website!

One thing I do notice from the few Au progs I get to see like Media Watch is just how competitive the channels are in Australia especially when it comes to the news!

Thank you so much!

ps. I was looking at an old new clip which had Mark Ferguson start the news saying “It’s god to be back” why? what happened? 😮 ?

That is delightfull! Very funny. I hope they make another series or chrissy themed telemovie so they can team, team with that theme.

On Fergo: It was the first night of the new television year so Mark had just returned from his summer break.

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