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Summer on Ten


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Ten are still running their usual idents but I saw this one tonight and thought it wasn’t too bad. Its only really a pseudo ident, but I liked the simple font and colour combination. The promo includes two short videos, the first one has a girl with super-blue eyes which looks cool, but the second one has a girl twirling on the beach and it just looks badly filmed and more spray-tan commercial then ident.

I wonder how long they will stick with this ‘seriously’ thing.

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Not bad, I like the simplicity of it, but for some reason it reminds me of a Hungry Jack’s advert….!

I love this ident, hopefully someone can capture the 1 minute version of it, its great and funky,i have contacted ten to see if i can get a copy of the song with no such luck as yet, it is th best summer ident ever in my opinion.

Channel Ten seem to have a thing with liking us, lol. Their old them was”What I Like About You” and now their new one is well “That’s What I Like About You”, lol.

I really really really want to know what that song is. I think the whole ident is fantastic and even better if I knew what the song was…

G’day from across the Tasman. Gotta hand it to you, you’ve got some fantastic idents in Aussie! Someone hit the nail on the head on this site when they said you guys know how to do good ‘feel good’ idents- Ten’s wee summer number is a case in point. Love that song!

You know with all due respect our idents here in NZ used to be a mile ahead of yours (pause for you to throw rotten vegies) but I’d say that you now take the honours. Don’t get me wrong, TV One here has some pretty cool ones, and TV3’s are cool in a urban-loungy way, but our Channel 2 idents suck! Their ‘2 Together’ ident series looks so cheap and nasty. Most of all though, none of the channels have the same energy and joi de vivre that simply radiates off most of the Aussie ones, nor the same slickness.

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