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Highest ratings ever


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SBS just celebrated their highest ratings ever with a total of 4.5 million tuning in to watch Australia beat Uruguay in the World Cup qualifying match. So what better time to show off their new idents, although I’m probably still too in love with their old ones to give a balanced opinion on these.

They kind of remind me of the iPod ads (especially the new one), but apart from that they are once again better then anything else on Australian TV (next to maybe ABC2), and at least SBS change them before you get a chance to get sick of them.

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I like the longer version ident with the man on it, i like the music and it reminds me of the old kahlua ads but i don’t really like the one with that weird woman. But very much an sbs ident.

Thanks for those. Yes, very SBSish. I like em, very stylish and slick. Can we get some caps of the summer idents from the various networks?

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