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All of us are Lost


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The pilot for Lost was the most expensive TV pilot ever, so it seems only fair that Channel 4 go and make the most expensive UK commercial ever to promote it. According to Wikipedia, these two David LaChapelle directed promos for Lost cost over £1 million.

I think they are fantastic and love that Channel 4 went to the trouble of actually doing something with the cast and not just using footage from the show, I love the theme and love that they actually created a story for the promo beyond just “this is the show.. watch it!”. I actually saw a print ad version of it in RadioTimes while I was in the UK but didn’t realise it was based on this.

More networks should use the cast to create original promos, its no doubt more expensive but damn it looks good.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting these! These adverts are so utterly beautiful and visually stunning, the world deserves to see them! I’ve been looking for the first version for a while so again, thank you!

C4 are great for plugging big US programmes. They made their own Desperate Housewives ad using the cast at the start of the year.

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