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Live from the Nations Capital


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The ABC changed its news opener and theme on Australia Day this year along with new sets and wide screen broadcasting for the bulletin. Given the ten months I’ve now had to digest it, I’d have to say I like it a lot more then I did then, I think the opener is pretty cool, I like how the city names appear and fade as the “ABCNews” banner covers the globe, and while the music isn’t as dramatic as the old theme its not the travesty I probably once thought it was (on a side note, Triple J’s remix of the old news theme remains my ringtone).

I think Virginia Hausegger does an excellent job, and with only Win News to compete with locally she doesn’t have much competition.


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And now for something slightly different, this footage is the ABC news opener without any actual news items or voice overs.

5 replies on “Live from the Nations Capital”

OMG, What have ABC done, they took perfectly good theme and remixed it, it sounds horrible. :-O
Too Jolly, and thanks for the banner bed video, it’s interesting to see how they do it.

Thanks, John.

Looks great.

I personally like the new theme – the old one (and especially the credits) were getting really tired.

THe only thing I can’t stand about ABC News is that they spent all that money building beautiful new sets for each state and yet they have the camera in a permanent closeup so that you never get to see the set!!!


The new sets are really not much.

They have just refurbished the desks and created a new backdrop.

What you see is really all you need to see (there isn’t much else).

The music hasn’t been remixed, it’s been redone bottom up with rather obscure references to ABC’s original news theme (still on radio today), Charles Williams’ “Majestic Fanfare”, and the first three brass notes from Tony Ansell & Peter Wall’s TV News theme (1987-2005).

I do love the new graphics, though, and the new ABCNews logo is nice and simple. Incidentally, blue is my favourite colour.

i did see a countdown leader with a small box with the start of the new open, and on the colour bars we have an abc logo zipping to the decending number with some tones to go with it

that was on the banner bed video

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