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The ALP’s of the ABC.

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With former Lateline host Maxine McKew and former weatherman Mike Bailey both leaving the ABC to run in Labor party seats against the government, the Chaser took it upon themselves to see who else they could recruit from the national broadcaster to run for government.

Starring Kerry O’Brien, Monica Attard, the cast of Play School, Antony Green, Myf Warhurst, Adam Spencer and Tony Jones, its a cavalcade of that left wing, liberal media destroying our country. Download the whole episode here.

The Simpson’s War on Everything.

the chaser's war on everything as the simpsons style

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I’ve been reading Watching with the Simpsons by Jonathan Gray over the past few days, and its helped me further appreciate The Chaser’s War on Everything. Gray talks about “parody’s potential to mock, make us laugh, and teach us all at once”, and I think that sums up the incredible power of good television, and good media in general.

Parody, whether it be on The Chaser, The Office, or Arrested Development, uses our cultural literacy, or asks us to expand our cultural literacy to “get” the joke.

I may have gone to university, but it was Triple J, the ABC, a bunch of downloaded television and Wikipedia that made me the person I am today, which is kind of scary, but also why I think a smart and challenging media, from television to the internet, is for a lot of people a really accessible way to make us all a little smarter.

Update #1: I was at the taping of last nights episode, the Chaser guys displayed The Simpson’s image on the monitors in the studio for everyone to see. Chris was concerned he was portrayed with a bit more of a stomach than he deserved and Chas was grateful to be the tallest one in the group for once. They knew I was in the audience, and got me to explain the picture, everyone seemed to get a laugh out of it, it was a very cool night.

Update #2: The Sydney Morning Herald picked up on it too, if you have the print edition check out page 22.

Update #3: Turns out it got a mention on Triple J too. Download the MP3 here.

Update #4: The Herald Sun wrote something on it today too, if you have the print edition check out page 25.

I commissioned Nattalia Alonso to create the image for me, thanks Natt!

This Week in Current Affairs: 9th May

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This week’s lesson: Useful advice

Anzac Day sensitivities, taking up Pauline Hanson’s offer, loud sex and another Anna Coren segue. Apart from Chris Taylor sitting in for a “detained” Andrew Hansen it was your usual WHWLFCATW.

Download tonight’s episode from the official podcast, or get it right here off me.

Tonight’s Chaser: Reucassel on WSFM, Firth on ABC 774 and Spencer on ABC 702.


(4m18s / 1.01mb) From WSFM 101.7 at 7:55am. Download the MP3 here.

Craig talks to Amanda and Brendan this morning on WSFM about tonights episode, the difficulty in shooting, and their intention to stay at the ABC as long as possible.


(3m31s / 828kb) From ABC 702 Sydney at 5:51am. Download the MP3 here.

Also, Adam Spencer does some spruiking for tonights episode talking about their Logies hijinx over the weekend, and playing a segment from tonights episode where Hansen tries to auction off Qantas.


(4m25s / 1.03mb) From ABC 774 Melbourne at 1:55pm. Download the MP3 here.

Charles Firth talked to Richard Stubbs at lunchtime today in Melbourne about tonights episode, and the Logie’s experience.

Watch the show tonight at 9pm, podcast it, or just download it off me.

– Many continued thanks, Naomi.

The World According to Fox News, Part II.

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Another jab at Fox News, with a look at questionable maths, attempts at being hip, yelling matches, and an incredibly sensitive Bill O’Reilly talking about Shawn Hornbeck.

Tonights episode is available for legit download here, and not not so legit, but uncut/higher quality download off me here.

Tonight’s Chaser: Julian on 702, Chris on Triple M.


(3m05s / 2.8mb) From ABC 702 Sydney at 7:40am. Download the MP3 here.

Julian talks to Adam Spencer this morning on ABC Sydney 702 about tonights episode, Snoop Dogg, and the ghost of Mark Latham.


(4m16s / 3.9mb) From Triple M Brisbane at 8:35am. Download the MP3 here.

Also, Chris talked to ‘The Cage’ this morning on Triple M Brisbane about tonights episode, they struggle to figure out the start time, talk about that ACA story, and play the ‘Gas Guzzler’ song that will air tonight.

Watch the show tonight at 9pm, podcast it, or just download it off me.

– Thanks again, Naomi

This Week in Current Affairs: 25th April

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This week’s lesson: Menaces to Society, and segues.

This week they ponder the masterful journalism that can produce such a graceful segway segue from a story about an abused Ukranian swimmer to a story about a lettuce grower.

If you missed the show you can podcast it, or just download it off me.

The Chaser sells out to Nine.

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Does this happen in other countries? Or is it an Australian specific thing. Is the looming threat of a popular show on a public broadcaster switching to a commercial network something that happens outside of Australia?

There’s been talk, albeit from A Current Affair that The Chaser’s War on Everything was being targeted by commercial networks to make the switch from the ABC. This video shows how The Chaser envisage their show might look on the Nine Network..

Hopefully its a pretty clear sign they have no intention to leave the ABC.

Tomorrow’s Chaser: Chris Taylor on ABC Adelaide


(10m47s / 5.9mb) From ABC 891 Adelaide at 1:15pm. Download the MP3 here.

Chris talks to Carole Whitelock on ABC Adelaide 891 about tomorrow nights episode, the rumours that they’re selling out, and of course Big Brother.

Watch the show tomorrow at 9pm, podcast it, or just download it off me.

– Thanks Naomi

The irony is lost on A Current Affair.

chaseraca - Twango

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A Current Affair’s lead story tonight was about the success of The Chaser’s War on Everything, it kind of felt like your grandfather explaining YouTube to you, and expecting you to be impressed.

It was a nothing piece that alluded to the show being offered money to switch to a commercial network. I’m all for it getting more publicity, but I think it can do without the ACA crowd.