ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

Tonight’s Chaser: Reucassel on WSFM, Firth on ABC 774 and Spencer on ABC 702.

Radio talk about tonights episode (1mb) >> To comment and see other Chaser stuff visit


(4m18s / 1.01mb) From WSFM 101.7 at 7:55am. Download the MP3 here.

Craig talks to Amanda and Brendan this morning on WSFM about tonights episode, the difficulty in shooting, and their intention to stay at the ABC as long as possible.


(3m31s / 828kb) From ABC 702 Sydney at 5:51am. Download the MP3 here.

Also, Adam Spencer does some spruiking for tonights episode talking about their Logies hijinx over the weekend, and playing a segment from tonights episode where Hansen tries to auction off Qantas.


(4m25s / 1.03mb) From ABC 774 Melbourne at 1:55pm. Download the MP3 here.

Charles Firth talked to Richard Stubbs at lunchtime today in Melbourne about tonights episode, and the Logie’s experience.

Watch the show tonight at 9pm, podcast it, or just download it off me.

– Many continued thanks, Naomi.

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Hi there, John!

I’d just like to let you know I’m just one of the fans of your site. Great one, by the way.

I’m David Cruz, working as a digital artist for a multitude of firms here in the Philippines. I’ve done some work outside the country as well.

Your site introduced me to The Chaser, and I’ve been following them since.

Recently, the ABC’s Chaser vodcast is unavailable for download outside Australia. I’m so disappointed by this move. But thanks to you, your site provides me with much needed Chaser shows. You’re a God-send!

Anyway, keep up to good job, mate!

David Cruz

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